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i’ve been planning my boys’ circus party for months now. i’m so excited for it as time draws closer! i just finished the invites in photoshop. so here they are…i love how they turned out :). i’m going to hand deliver most of them & attach a barnum’s animal cracker box to each one. i have a lot of other circus items i’ve been working on for the party that i’ll post soon…

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  1. Julie

    So cute! I also LOVE the cupcake one! There isn’t an area for comments on that post? Anyway you are so creative I love your ideas, keep em coming! I am going to be able to throw some great parties cause of you. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Kara, I hope this finds you as I am not a blogger and am not sure how tis works. I am diving into planning for a carnival party for my daughters 1 1/2 birthday party. I found the snowcone holders on line, and read how you did them, however, I did not get the jist of how to bake them? What did you put them in to stand up in the oven? did you bake them at 350? Thanks
    Amy, Oconomowoc, WI
    [email protected]

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, your party was amazing. I'm "into" throwing large parties for my little girl too. Her 2nd b-day was a luau party, 3rd was a Peter Rabbit Tea Party, and her 4th is going to be a carnival party. I have a question though, do you ever sell your party stuff after you're finished with it? If so I'm interested. Please shoot me an email either way. Keep up the great work!
    [email protected]