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Cupcake Party

Lyndsey and I hosted our Cupcake Par-Tea this weekend! It was a big success! Here’s a lot of photo’s from the whole event {thanks for letting me use some of your photo’s Lyndsey}. Hope you enjoy! To see more be sure and check out Lyndsey’s blog, Kitchen Doughdough!
I’ve always LOVED cupcakes..so when Lyndsey came to me with the idea of having a cupcake party I just had to jump on board!

I’ve been collecting cupcake memorabillia for years now…so with this party I finally had a chance to use a lot of it as decor etc {if I ever have a little girl, I’m going to use it all in her bedroom and make it a ‘cupcake bakery’ themed room}.

Cupcake Party via Kara's Party Ideas

Each setting had a cupcake place mat {I got them at target last year}, a cupcake charger {actually, a cupcake plate}, a pink plate, a tea setplate and bowl {we purchased all the tea set items at ikea}, a tea cup place card holder, a cupcake place card, tiny tea set silverware wrapped in a cupcake napkin & cupcake napkin ring {I bought the napkins and cupcake plates at hobby lobby}, a glass that was

As soon as all the guests arrived Lyndsey did a fun cupcake demo in her kitchen. She showed everyone how to pipe frosting onto cupcakes. She had bags and decorating tips for everyone to frost their own cupcake

Cupcake Party via Kara's Party IdeasSome of the ladies decorating their cupcakes…Cupcake Party via Kara's Party IdeasHere’s a close up of the adorable table cloth we had on the drink table. Lyndsey’s mom made it {Pots and Pins}. It was sooo cute! Thanks for sending it Nan!…Cupcake Party via Kara's Party IdeasAnd now…sitting down to have our ‘Cupcake Tea’…Cupcake Party via Kara's Party IdeasA closer look at one of the napkin rings {that’s lip gloss Lyndsey made some really fun cupcakes. She spelled out ‘PARTEA‘ with And the others were strawberry lemonade cupcakes {with secret ingredient, coconut milk! yum!} They were DE-LISH! To see the recipes go to her blog, Kitchen doughdoughAnd here’s the cupcakes I made. They’re chocolate sour cream with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. I’m putting the recipe and details on my cupcake blog, Kara’s Cupcakes
The little display we put out on the front entry table…
Our invite, and a cute cuppy frame that said, ‘WELCOME TO OUR CUPCAKE PAR-TEA‘…A close up of the tea cup place card holders…Here’s Lyndsey’s brownie pops! She put them in a cute flower pot and wrote ‘par-tea’ on top. So adorable. And look what she used as sticks….
I finally made some ‘Bakerella‘ cupcake pops! I have been wanting to make these for a while now. It was the perfect occasion…
This is what was hanging above the table. Lyndsey made these cute lanterns into cupcakes with sequins and cupcake liners!… Here’s a close up of one of the cupcake sugar cookies I made. I put them in little bags and tied them with cupcake ribbon…I made this jumbo cupcake for the main centerpiece {and stuck a matching jumbo ‘hello cupcake’ topper on top}…The door prizes we had drawings for…
Cupcake notebooks, cuppy paper, assorted cupcake stamps, cuppy cards, and a few other things {found everything at Michaels!}…Lyndsey’s mom gave us the idea to make mini cake platters for the guests to take home…she had a cupcake party up in Seattle a few weeks ago and made them for all her guests. They were really easy to make, and look like they’re store bought! I made them out of candle holders and glass plates {glued together with e6000}. The cupcake shown is actually a box. I bought them for the guests to put their cupcake earrings in {you can see the cupcake earrings I made in the very top photo}…
Two of our beautiful guests holding their cake platters {with cupcakes to take home of course}…
And here’s Lyndsey and I posing after the party was all said and done…
Lyndsey made our adorable cupcake aprons! They had cute sequin cupcakes on top and fun cupcake fabric across the bottom. Thanks Lyndsey, you’re the best!


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  1. Donna @ Party Wishes says:

    WOW! What a fabulous party! I don’t think you could have had ONE more cupcake themed item…do had all of them!

    I will have to host one of these parties with my “tea” girlfriends!

  2. Visions Events Designs says:

    Love the party,so adorable!

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Love the post hehe. I like the kind of sideways one of the setup!

  4. michelle says:

    That looks like so much fun, love it!

  5. lisalyn says:

    Wow! What an amazing par-tea!! :) I love all the details that you put into this. Great theme, colors and fun! I must try those cupcakes. :)

  6. Chris @ Celebrations At Home says:

    What a great party! You guys put so much thought into everything. I love those cupcake stands you made…Brilliant!

  7. * TONYA * says:

    What a fabulous idea for a party. Great way to get girlfriends together and to learn something new.

  8. Joanna says:

    WOW what a wonderful party! You two are very talented. The details are all so cute. I especially like the cupcake string lights, so creative.

  9. Cakespy says:

    Best. Party. Ever!

  10. cookies and cups says:

    WOW! When I first saw the photo on flickr I immediately thought this was a little girls party…but when I checked out your blog I LOVE the fact that it was a get together for grown-ups! What a really fun idea and all the detail! Great job!

  11. WOW! This looks like so much fun and everything is GORGEOUS! I’ll be linking.

  12. Jean Knee says:

    what an awesome party, I love cupcakes

  13. Brenda says:

    What a fabulous party! Everything looks just perfect – especially the cupcake lanterns!

  14. littlepinkstudio says:

    What a fun party idea! I love all of your details! The lights with cupcake liners is the cutest idea!

  15. Char says:

    We’re having a cupcake party for my daughter’s 9th birthday next week. I borrowed the giant cupcake cake pan from a friend…any tips on getting the cake to turn out great?

  16. Get Real Girl says:

    What an awesome idea! I love it. I can't wait to do this for my girlfriends!

  17. Enchanted Expectations says:

    Love the Cupcake Party. I love even more that it was for adults. Great Job!

  18. Liz (The Wedding Bistro) says:

    This is such a fun idea! Perfect for a bridal shower theme :) So cute!

  19. Jill says:

    So cute! Do you want to adopt me as one of your friends? LOL I'm going to have to do one of these for my girlfriends now. My husband is going to hate you:) haha. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  20. Laura says:

    Hi Kara-
    I am a new follower to your blog and I just LOVE it!
    I love what you did here with the cupcake tea party. However, I am planning my daughters 1 year old party with a cupcake theme. Do you have any ideas or pictures of a childs cupcake party that you have done that you could share?

  21. Lindsay says:

    Wow!! I stumbled upon this as I was looking for cupcake party ideas for my daughter's second birthday. You did such an amazing job! I love all your attention to detail. I can't wait for her party!!

  22. Nichole says:

    Amazing! I have been planning my daughter's 1st birthday for some months now and we are going cupcake theme!!! I LOVE all your ideas! Hopefully ours will turn out as cute as yours.

  23. The Smith Family says:

    This is exactly what I want to do for my five year olds birthday party! Now only if you could come to my house, or at least transport all of your cute stuff right over, I'd be set! LOVE everything about this party! Great job and very inspiring!

  24. Amy says:

    I absolutely love this idea!!! It is so cute! I was wondering where you got that Brown and pink cupvake teapot? It would match my little girls bedroom perfectly after we use it for a cupcake party…

  25. Oneida says:

    I loved your party!! I am in love with you site, I have so many great ideas!! I am having a tea party for my church and I want to do the same thing! How did you make the banner?? Where did you find the paper!!


    thanks again!

  26. kara's party ideas says:

    thank you ;). i made the banner in photoshop, actually. i purchased the paper online from a digital scrapbooking site.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love those plates you have. Where did you get them? I have been surching all over the internet & I cant find them. I love your party. Im going to try & duplicate it for my daughters & a few of her friends.