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here’s a little sneak peak at the circus birthday party i had for my boys on saturday! the weather was GREAT and everything turned out PERFECTLY! i’m waiting to get my photo’s from my awesome photographer…so be sure and check back real soon for a great BIG post!!!

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  1. allison

    omg'ness you're killing me…i've been waiting to see these photos! i'm so glad the weather was good for you. if you have anything you want to sell let me know.

  2. Donna @ Party Wishes

    You're such a tease! Can't wait to see the professional pics!

  3. Liz McCoy

    I can't wait our circus/carnival party is on July 18th.

    We're pretty much done planning but I hope to see some new ideas to incorporate.

  4. Jodee Leader

    Holy cow! I can't wait!

  5. thatgirlblogs

    we had this party last year, of course, so I can't benefit from your awesomeness… sad face.

  6. Ragan

    Hey Kara! Check out this site: http://beautifulblogdesigns.blogspot.com/. Scroll down a bit and you'll find a HUGE list of blog designers in the right sidebar. Good luck!

  7. Lyndsey

    LOVE the new look! I'm bringing the CD to you tomorrow…the pics look great!

  8. Shannon

    looing forward to seeing more!

  9. Enchanted Expectations

    I just can't wait to see them!