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Come one, Come all

enjoy the fun
Kaden and Gavin’s
birthday circus has come!!!

The circus party I‘ve been planning for months for my two June babies came and went with a BANG!

Take a seat, grab a snack…this post is LONG, so scroll down and sit back!

{most photo’s are courtesy of my photographer, Lyndsey @ seenboxphotography.com. it was SO hard to pick out my favorites. that’s why this post is so long!}

Open the curtains and……
i made/painted the ticket booth…it used to be a plain wooden puppet stage!

we served hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and sugar sugar sugar!

the bunting flags i made were purchased on parties by hardie notice the cups…they’re cute circus animal noses as well as matching ‘welcome to the circus’ cups…

the clown cupcakesi made…

i found the cute clown heads and clown shoes online. they made the cupcakes so adorable!…


here’s my snow cone cupcakes and popcorn cupcakes!
as i said in a previous post, i wanted to serve snow cones at the party but didn’t want the work and mess. so after brainstorming one night, i came up with these! fun, huh?!
i made the popcorn cupcake sleeves out of cardboard popcorn boxes…and then attached a popcorn label to the front. the ‘popcorn’ is marshmallows {i cut an x into each marshmallow with kitchen sheers} sprayed lightly with yellow food coloring spray…

and here’s the cake i made {more detailed pics below}. since this party was suppose to be last week {we got rained out BIG TIME and had to cancel/postpone it a week} the bottom part of the cake was kinda hammered. i re-made the top part though.
i made the fun happy birthday banner in photoshop{the paper was a mix of adorable circus paper}…

you can also see the napkins/napkin rings
i made out of tickets {got the idea from hwtm}…
and the cake stand..it’s a tub that i painted to look like a circus elephant step! i got the idea from one of my followers, briattany {perfect harmony}. thanks brittany!…
i ordered the water bottle labels through, pumpkin petunia.
SO cute!…
and, one of my favorite parts of the whole party….the photo booth {i made it out of painted cardboard, polka dot fabric, and small chairs}!…
the clown bibs i had out for the little ones…

they won goldfish soap at the goldfish toss {i made the soap out of glycerine, scented oil, and plastic goldfish, and small plastic bags!}. i tied little tags on {also made in photoshop} with cute circus ribbon.

zoltar the fortune teller

time to sing happy birthday! here’s the boys blowing out their candles…


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  1. Coco loves vintage says:

    WOW! Now that's what I call a party! I bet your children will the most popular in School.
    I'm a new follower, LOVE your blog, you have some fantastic idea's, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Audrey says:

    KARA! this is amazing. I am throing a carnival party for my daughter…wondered if you might want to clear some space in your party closet and seel some of the decorations…I'd buy them off you? IS that something you'd be open to? All best, AUdrey

  3. Cha Taylor says:

    great! my daughter will surely love this birthday party theme! she loves Disney Jojo's Circus. Thanks for the post!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Where did you find the Big Top cardboard boxes you placed the cotton candy in? Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Perfect party! Dreams come true.

    That´s THE PARTY!!!!!!!!

    Where did you buy the top hats and the bow tie? I tried some stores that you mentioned, but…


  6. janet says:

    you did an amazing job!!!!! you are very lucky for being so creative and your babies are lucky to have you. I was wondering how you did the names on the tickets if you can share the idea i would appreciate it very much. Janet

  7. Aleasha says:

    Do you have a email address or a way I can contact u PLEASE ur party is amazing ty aleasha

  8. Catherine & Sofia says:

    I am just starting to plan my daughter's 5th Birthday party and this is the theme we are going with. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!!!

  9. Gagan says:

    this is such an inspiration n i have now successfully completed my little one's 1st bday party wth a similar theme….u helped m alot wth the ideas…hats off 2 u…