Kara's Party Ideas Shabby Chic Pig Party | Kara's Party Ideas

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  1. See Jane Run says:

    Oh wow. I just can't believe it.

  2. Jeanette says:

    That is just too precious. What a party.

  3. Natasha @ FĂȘte Fanatic says:

    These photos definitely looks shabby chic. Adorable party!

  4. [email protected] Party Concepts says:

    What a great party and I love the color scheme!

  5. Save the Date for Cupcakes says:

    The pig sugar cookie is too cute!

  6. Enchanted Expectations says:

    I love this party. It is sooooo cute.

  7. Angel says:

    This is such a wonderful party – I'm not the biggest fan of pink, but this is the kind of pink that is perfect. Great theme!

    My bonus mom threw me a piggy party after my baby was born, so everyone could meet her, and we had pedicures (for our piggys), piggy cupcakes, and a heirloom piggy bank that people added their change to. I think I've become a fan of these sweet, pig-themed parties.

  8. purplehomes says:

    Wow! The Piggy theme is too cute…lovely party!

  9. Wendy @ Whimsy & Wise Events says:

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  10. Rebecca says:

    LOVE this! :) So cute!