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my next winning feature goes to this fun spa cupcake sleepover party submitted by cyndi frith. it looks like these girls had a blast. i love how cyndi tied cupcakes into the spa theme! treats, pampering, sleep…what more could a girl want?!

thanks for your submission, cyndi! congratulations on being the winning feature today!

bath salt containers…

the birthday girl making some homemade bath salt…

this is where they got to soak their feet…

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  1. Natasha @ FĂȘte Fanatic

    I love this idea for little tweens.

  2. Sweetly Sweet

    Everything is lovely, very nice idea!

  3. Whatever Dee-Dee wants

    Such a cute party! I love all the decorations too!

  4. Alluring Interiors

    Much too adorable!

  5. Lucia

    Great idea! It is so difficult to find out something the teens really like, but this one is perfect!