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Here’s a tutorial on how to make the adorable
Cupcake Liner Pom Poms from my Vintage Valentines Party!
I hope you enjoy!
These are so darling and so easy to make. You could use them for so many parties.
Here we go….
You will need:
Cupcake liners {any color or style}
A styrofoam ball
A glue gun
Photography by Lyndsey Fagerlund Imagery.
Step one: Take 2 cupcake liners and stick a pin through the center of them…
Step 2: Fold/scrunch the 2 liners around the pin like so…
Step three: Put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the liners…
Step four: Insert the pin into the styrofoam ball…
Step four: Push the pin all the way into the styrofoam so the cupcake liners are securely glued to the ball…Photobucket
Step five: Carefully open the liners making sure the pin is all the way inserted into the styrofoam. If it isn’t, push it all the way in….
Step six: Repeat until the whole ball is covered with lovely cupcake liners! Attach fishing line or a ribbon to hang! {For this particular pom pom I left a space uncovered so I could set the ball on a large glass candlestick}…
PhotobucketTo see more of this Vintage Valentines Party go here!


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  1. Simply Creative Insanity says:

    That is such a great project! THanks for sharing your tutorial!

  2. Catieu says:

    Simple and very cute!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It could not be easier. THANK YOU…

  4. Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby says:

    Sweet and simple, what's not to love?!

  5. Sandi says:

    these are amazing! thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    Cupcake liner projects seem to be everywhere these days. But very few have such an easy-to-follow tutorial. Thanks!

  7. Bethany says:

    They look like carnations! Love them!

  8. Adriana says:

    How pretty and easy to make!

  9. Glory/ Glorious Treats says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! The whole party set up was really beautiful!!

  10. Balloons says:

    This is really great, i like it. Thank you sharing this blog.