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Today’s winning party feature goes to this

Snow White Birthday Party
submitted by Inviteme Scrumptious Stationary!
How darling!
I just love the cake and ‘Potion’ drinks!
Keep reading for great party details, how-to’s & photos….

In the words of Simone…”Our princess party called for a forest feast (after all, she did hang with those dwarves in the woods for a bit!).

Keeping with the Snow White theme, apple-shaped cookies on a stick.

Fruits of the forest – fresh fruit including grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

Small bowls of lollies labelled ‘Ravishing Raspberries’ for jube raspberries; white jelly beans are ‘Snow White Drops’; Candy apple lollypops are ‘Candy Apples’; ‘Strawberries & Cream’ and so on.

Label toffee apples ‘Pick your poison apple’.

Snow-White style, serve guests their very own Poison Potion.

Fun and frivolity, princess style
  • Coloring in: To help our guests get in the party mood, we set up textas and pencils and had our guests start some colouring in.
  • Pin the jewel on the crown: Draw up a stylised crown containing a large jewel. Attach the crown to a wall and give each guest a jewel. Write each guest’s name on their jewel and put some blue-tack on the back. Blindfold them, give them a couple of royal spins and tell them to stick the jewel on the crown.
  • Treasure hunt: A winner every time, tell guests the Royal Family has lost their treasure and needs help finding it. Hide jewels, crowns, chocolate gold coins and other knick-knacks around the garden and ask everyone to return the lost items to the ‘treasure chest’ in the centre of the yard. Once everything has been found, let the royal gathering choose an item from the chest. The remaining items can act as prizes for other games.
  • Pass the poison apple: A spin on ‘pass the parcel’, hand an apple around a group sitting in a circle and every time the music stops the person left holding the apple is removed from the game. Make them feel better about going out by inviting them to pick a prize from the treasure chest.”
Cake, cupcakes, apple cookies & love-heart biscuits made by Cakes Of Our Lives.
Tins & green straws from Details Details.
White tin cake stands & lace cupcake wrappers from Cakes Around Town.
{All Australian companies.}
Thanks for your submission, Simone! Great job!
Congrats on being the winning feature today!

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    First of all, I LOVE your blog! LOVE IT!

    Second, what a perfect "Snow White" Birthday Party! Love everything about it!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Another amazing blog…so beautiful. The party supplies is available at Hippie Chick Party Supplies for a Hippie Chick birthday theme this are wonderful and your daughter will love them!

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