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My next winning party feature goes to this
Grocery Store Dessert Table On A Budget
Only $40 was spent to create this. Yes, $40!!

‘A’ said…“I chose to venture into a DIY project that would satisfy my belly. I wanted to create a table on an affordable budget. Everyone should have the following in their house: a few square plates,a couple rectangular ones, some pretty vases and a a cake stand or two. This way, you’ll always be able to throw together a “Grocery store Dessert Table” inspired party on any given day of the week!”

“Always use white plates (or glass) for the easiest design. You can add some paper to the bottom of the plates to give some color and align with your theme. Since I was going budget friendly with this one, I did a Google image search for a pattern, found one I liked and literally copy/pasted it onto my computer (using keynotes/powerpoint). I made a list of what I wanted to offer as treats and set out to buy them.”
Grocery list:
  1. 1 bag of large marshmallows
  2. 2 bags of heart shaped chocolates (on sale!)
  3. 2 boxes of sugared doughnuts (on sale!)
  4. 2 boxes of Oreo Cakesters (my immitation whoopie pies)
  5. popsicle sticks
  6. some mini yogurt pretzels (aka yotzels!)
  7. Mini marshmallows
  8. 6 dollar store jars (favors)
  9. Pink Mints
  10. Mini cupcake mix with frosting and cherries (FYI: my boyfriend made the cupcakes)
  11. Mini Merengues
  12. Heart shaped Cookies
  13. Some Sparkling Water
Total Cost: $40.00

“I made little labels myself and printed them straight up on regular paper. The mission was to style my table with what I had around the house. I searched for card stock (to glue my flimsy labels to) + of course didn’t have any and so… desperate times call for desperate measures. I cut up a couple old valentine’s day cards from my boyfriend (sorry jam), and used those to make sturdy tent cards. Once I had my desserts, the plates, the cake stands, drinks and my favors, I placed everything down on a table and played around until it looked right to me. There are no rules so have fun and EAT UP!”
So gorgeous!
Great job, Bride Scouts!
Congratulations on being the winning feature today!

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