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Today I am FINALLY posting my tutorial on how to
make your own gumball machine!
These go with the Gumball Party I styled for HGTV here.
Photo’s taken by Lyndsey Fagerlund.
It really is quite simple…

You will need:
1 terra cotta pot {with saucer base}
1 wooden ball {found at craft store}
1 wooden doll pin stand {found at craft store}
1 tube of E600 glue OR hot glue {& glue gun}
1 round bubble bowl {you can find these at Walmart}
1 can of spray paint
STEP ONE: Paint your terra cotta pot & base, your round wooden ball and your doll pin stand with the spray paint and let dry.
STEP TWO: Place terra cotta pot upside down and apply glue to the bottom. Then attach the round bubble bowl to resemble a gumball machine.
STEP THREE: Turn the terra cotta saucer base upside down and glue the round wooden head bead to the center top and let dry.
STEP FOUR: Attach the wooden doll pin stand to the front of the terra cotta pot to resemble an opening.
STEP FIVE: Place the terra cotta saucer on top of the bubble bowl {it will act as a lid, coming on and off} and…
These would also make fun cookie jars!
Again, to see the rest of this Bubble Gum Party go here!


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    Thank you for that! That's great! So easy!

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    What a fabulous idea! It is so simple. Thanks for sharing!

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    LOVE it! I'm totally going to have to try this out.

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