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Today’s winning party feature goes to this VINTAGE RED WAGON BIRTHDAY PARTY by One Stone Events. I just adore anything vintage….so I’m especially loving all these ‘vintage’ themed parties that are being sent to me. The vintage red wagon theme has got to be one of my favorites thus far. Who doesn’t love Radio Flyers? So. Cute. I love the burlap, mini apple pies, ‘grass’ tablecloth, door wreath and pepsi crates.
Photography by Darci Woodiwiss.
Darling Wagon cookies made by Batches.

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  1. Lil Mama Stuart

    love the pasta wheels and corkboard picture frame!

  2. Ruzu

    I like the red and cute wagon :D great ideas like allways

  3. HiLLjO™

    First reaction: OMG YARNS AND BUTTONS!

    Then I scrolled down and started jumping around… Sock monkey! Sock monkey!!! SO Cute!!!

    Come enter to win a custom sock monkey over at my blog, Kara!!!

  4. Audrey @ Sweet Cheeks

    Wow-wow-wow! I absolutely ADORE this party! The vintage details are seriously AMAZING! Well done!

  5. stitchinnetka

    That is one truly amazing party decor :)Fantastic job :)

  6. melismama

    amazing party…where did she find a TJ's big boy statue? I did not know they existed anymore!

  7. Jayna Rae

    I thought that the Vintage Wagon Party I had two years ago was cool, but now I will probably never show anyone my photos. This party is amazing. I am in love.

  8. Yocuna ( Cake Designer )

    Fantastic work, is sensational, I love the vintage composition.

  9. Kay Ellen

    Hi Kara! so nice to meet you :) Stoping by via Stephanie form under the table & dreaming~~~

    I love all your paper party favors and Props!
    We can never have to many Props for a Party!

    Beautiful graphics and a creative mind:)

    Happy Fourth to you!

    Kay Ellen

  10. Tonia @ TheGunnySack.com

    Saw your feature on with Stephanie at Under The Table Dreaming. I am you newest follower. I have just started looking and can't believe your fabulous ideas! Would love you to stop over and check out my site sometime.

    Have a wonderful 4th!!