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Today’s winning feature goes to this fun “PUCKER UP FOR YOUR SWEETIE” BRIDAL SHOWER submitted by Piggy Bank Parties! What a cute party theme! The sweet and sour touches are just darling. The party concept: Before the big day, the bride will need to practice her pucker before she kisses her sweetie!

This party was created on a budget. Only $75 was spent! I love the backdrop created with square paper plates and striped paper. A lemonade stand and kissing booth were created on the table using popcorn buckets from a dollar store as the base.

All the “sugar cookie” printables for this party can be purchased here!

All the crepe paper ruffled streamers were made using 3 rolls of crepe paper, $3 and 1 hour behind the sewing machine! So cute, inexpensive and easy!

Lip Smakin’ lemonade!…

Such a darling bridal shower/bachelorette party. It could easily be a Lemonade Birthday Party or Baby Shower, too! Thanks for your submission, Oink! Congrats on being today’s winning party feature!

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  1. A Blissful Nest

    leaving some piggy love! This is fabulous!!

  2. Christine @ Pure Joy Events

    Love her signature paper plate backdrop!

  3. Lil Mama Stuart

    Thanks for letting us in on the budget and details on the ruffled streamers. . It doesn't look cheap :) Love the plate backdrop and ruffle streamer.

  4. Ruzu

    The idea sounds pretty cool!!
    perfect lemonades for summer :D

  5. Oh, Goodness! Desserts

    Wow, what a great party! You wouldn't be able to tell it was done on such a small budget just from looking at it. Just goes to show what a little creativity and imagination will do!

  6. Piggy Bank Parties

    Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! We had so much fun designing this one!

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  7. Katie

    Ohmigoodness! I LOVE this party! SO fresh and fun; perfect for the occasion!

    Sweet Rose Studio