Kara's Party Ideas Owl Themed Birthday Party For Triplets! | Kara's Party Ideas

Whoooo wants to see the most adorable OWL THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY for Triplets?! This is one of those parties that just blows me away. SO much work! Submitted by L´apparato of Brazil, this Owl party is sure to impress.

Here is what L’appartato said about the party- “We made this birthday for triplets, who completed three years, two girls and a boy …. the theme chosen by the mother was the birthday of owls, because the owl means ‘wisdom’.

We did something lovely by hanging owls from tree branches, which were the souvenirs. The bottom panel of the table was prepared by CRIA art and dressing…it matched the theme of the party.

On each guest table we put handmade owl books, which were delicate and childlike.”

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