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I love this precious MARIE ANTOINETTE “LET THEM EAT CAKE” 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Lauren Bowie. The setup is just beautiful and all the details are perfect.

Here is what Lauren had to say about the party- “I received a degree in French so when I found out I was having a little girl, I immediately started planning her first birthday party. Her name is Fenley Grace and she is the love of our life! I decided to go with a Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake!” theme since it was her first time to eat birthday cake. It was a great party and we had so much fun. I ordered a 3 tiered cake, wedding cake flavor, gaudy but simple and elegant. The top tier was hers to play in and smash. She loved it! We had a few dozen macarons, and she actually really liked the macarons. I was shocked! We served champagne with berries for the adults along with decaf coffee. Flavored water and sodas were available for the kids. I spray painted an Eiffel tower gold… that we had left over from our wedding dessert table. Also, I spray painted a cake plate and put a doily on top to serve and I spray painted one of the cupcake stands. It was a fabulous party that we thoroughly enjoyed planning and then celebrating!”


Paper Products- Joosy Card Company

Cake- Cakes by Iris of Jackson, MS

French macarons- Dream Cakes Bakery in Birmingham, AL

Photography- Trey Malbrough

Food, flowers, and décor- Lauren Bowie

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  1. Lauren Ashley says:

    Hey Heather Robinson,

    If you do not get the connection between eating cake and a 1 year old birthday party, you do not need to be checking out this party blog. The only thing disgusting is your comment.

    I think it was a gorgeous way to celebrate cake, all things french and the first birthday of a baby girl.

  2. Schyler says:

    For the record, I think this party is gorgeous! I grew up in Paris and studied the French Revolution in school as it is taught there and I have no qualms with this topic whatsoever! I am planning a party just like this for my little girl who will be turning 1.

  3. Liz McCann says:

    This is LOVELY! I want to do something similar for my son’s first birthday brunch (though less girly, obviously!). :) I would love to see what the invitations looked like. Any photos?