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Oh me, oh my, I am in love with this CUTE AS A BUTTON 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Kerri King of Big K Little K. Soooo adorable! Just look at the bunting on that high chair!

Kerri said- “I started planning my little girl’s birthday party about 5 months before her actual birthday. I drew inspiration from everywhere. I loved the look of vintage wall groupings so I knew I wanted to incorporate that look into the party. There’s a great frame company, Wild Sorbet, that has high quality hand painted frames. I am IN LOVE with their frames and I always use them as a starting point for the parties I plan. They are super helpful and really help to tie the whole party together.

I did most of the decorations myself. I have a Silhouette Cameo which is awesome when it comes to party decorations. I also can sew, so I made the tablecloths, banners, etc. I am a graphic designer so the wall art in the frames are designed by me as well as the birthday invitations. I love seeing it all come together. All the little details that I stressed over. The photobooth was a huge hit….now I think every party should have a photobooth!”

Vendors and Credits:

Frames- Wild Sorbet Frame Company
Cake- Susan Jackson
Button Cookies- Paradise Sweets
Photobooth Props- Party Goodies


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  1. This is absolutely adorable and perfect theme for a 1 year old especially since they are generally referred to as being cute as a button when they are that age.

  2. Petals Daye says:

    I really love that Photo Frame and all the wands..each one a little masterpiece

  3. Allonda says:

    There are no words to describe how gorgeous this party is!! Wow! Where on earth did she find those giant buttons? So cute!!!

  4. Perfect color palette. Cutest combination of mediums…fabric, paper, ric-rac, etc…Styled so sweetly…..Delightful. Delightful. Delightful. Love it!!!

  5. Amy K. says:

    There are so many reasons why I am in love with this!!!

  6. Stephanie Turner says:

    This is so cute! Any idea where those large buttons on the wall came from?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering about the buttons on the wall as well!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where did she find those cute jeans love this party theme

  9. Andrea van der Hoeven says:

    This is adorable!! I’m doing my daughters 1 year old party in the same theme. Where did you find her onesie?

  10. Katie says:

    Large buttons can be bought at hobby lobby. 50% off this week. Got one today