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  1. Linda says:

    Do you have the recipe for the key lime push pops

  2. Debbie Vickery says:

    Absolutely devine i love all the peices of material hanging around the table what a great idea and looks so eco to do and its gorgous well done!! Anymore ideas???!!!!


    Im a trainee interior designer so i love to see things like this!!! Where did you learn to do these things or did they just get the ideas well your very very creative like me WELL DONE!!!!!Sorry dont know what your name is? Do email me with any ideas as i have a grandchild arriving end of October so need some ideas for its nursery its my sons so Sally is not my daughter not quite the same as being your daughter but i do hope she wont mind me buying it lots of things ahhhh iwent to John Lewes and bought a lovely soft cream bunny with very long ears and a lovely mobile for the cot im going to dress the room up as a surprise when they come down to stay for the w/e any ideaS. I have thought of bunting perhaps? My son said “dont go crazy” i was a bit upset about that as i enjoy this sort of thing and to have a grandchild is sooo exciting i just hope its a girl she will get very spoilt indeed. Think her mother is a bit jealous there is no need for that is there!!!Just ignore it i guess??

    Bye for now and as i said any ideas please email me!

    Regards Debbie