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  1. Rebecca Sturzenegger

    This is so awesome! Congrats on the opening!

  2. Sarah B

    What caught my eye, and held it there, was the creative assortment of images in the slide show box on the home page. A+… Looks excellent. Can’t wait to take some “me” time later and troll thru your whole shop :)

  3. Sherry N

    I can hardly wait to throw a party!

  4. April

    Everything I need to throw a fabulous party
    in one place!!

  5. MeganK

    I could shop here for days!

  6. Roxie Magro

    Love it all! Great party supplies!

  7. Lori Davis

    I loved ALL of the fun cupcake and cake supplies! Lots to choose from!

  8. Barbara Fischer

    The colorful array of items is mind blowing and looks like so much fun. Great job!

  9. Cathy Varner

    Ohhh, pick me. I would love some party things and a camera

  10. christina

    love you stuff cant wait until my next party hopefully ill have a new camera ;)