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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This fabulous HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREAT PARTY was submitted by Karen Ayars! Such a darling set up! I love how the whole party was on a front porch….very fitting!

This is what Karen said about planning the party- “I did a VERY simple Halloween table this year. I wanted to make something affordable and easy that anybody could reproduce. We always set up a big Halloween table on Halloween night for the trick or treaters and many people in our town do too, so I wanted to do something that could be used on a porch on Halloween night. Most decoration items are from the dollar store like the signs, the skull, the RIP pieces, keep out tape, spider cut outs, spider webs on the table, happy halloween mat on the floor, tomb stone candy, monster cookie on sticks (inside the black caldron). The treats I also kept simple: cupcakes decorated with supermarket bought decor, candy, lollipops and rock candy at the local candy store, apple juice, and because I’m Brazilian there has to be some brigadeiro somewhere… and that’s what’s inside the little plastic containers with Oreo crumbles on top and an edible RIP sign from Wal-Mart.”

Vendors and Credits-
Concept, Table Design ad Styling: Karen Ayars

Items used available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

Striped Paper Straws

Mason Jars and Daisy Cut Lids

Cupcake Liners


Handmade Twist Lollipops

Mini Plastic Cocktail Containers

Electroplated Mini Spoons


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  1. Luciana Bordallo Misura

    Awesome table and the cutest little witch!

  2. Angie

    Something that always worries me is seeing drinks labeled “poison” for little ones. It’s confusing and shouldn’t we be teaching them to never drink anything with that label? I think it’s fine and funny for adult parties but kids…no.

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