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Do you have an upcoming party? Are you planning a special get together for your child’s birthday, a particular celebration or a holiday?

We have worked hard to make Kara’s Party Ideas THE shop for all things party! You can literally purchase everything you need IN ONE PLACE!

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  1. Daisha C

    I shared the link on my facebook account

  2. Daisha C

    I voted for you in the Most Awesome Big Birthday Ideas category of the Red Tricycle Awards!

  3. Daisha C

    I’m following you on pinterest

  4. Daisha C

    Your Shop has so many great ideas to chose from but I personally love the paper straws!

  5. Anne

    Sooo love the wooden tableware. The red striped ones will be perfect for my ornament making party.

  6. Anne

    Love Kara’s and love Red Tricycle! I just voted for you.

  7. Kristi

    I voted! , I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook. Love it. I am a huge fan, I love all your ideas, I am doing your baking party for our daughter’s 10th birthday, I followed the cowboy theme in October for our son’s 2nd birthday. I love the mason jar ideas and can’t wait to have some great Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas

  8. Andrea

    I voted Karas Party for Most Awesome Big Birthday Ideas giveaway.