Kara's Party Ideas Lego Themed Seventh Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas www.KarasPartyIdeas.com | Kara's Party Ideas

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  1. wen says:

    any ideas about lego ninjago bday party? tnx

  2. sarika says:

    hi, i am based in Mumbai, India and would like to have the above theme for my twins birthday. would you be able to assist me with some local shops which will have these stationery or would you be able to ship it to me? please let me know. thanks

  3. mary ann marutsuka says:

    Where i can buy this item and how much?

  4. Caleb Wilson says:

    I got here from twitter well done on an excellent social media promotion

  5. Pamela says:

    Hola. Hermosa decoración. Que ganas de conocer la técnica utilizada para llegar a ese resultado. Gracias por la idea.