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  1. Anile says:

    Hi! I am doing my daughter’s 1st birthday in Snow White and I love this! Are these favor boxes? If so, do you make these? What is the size on these? What is the time frame needed to order and receive on time and last but not least, what is the cost?

    Thank you!

  2. Dora Morales says:

    How much for 50?

  3. Leslie Villarreal says:

    How much are the Snow White favor boxes?

  4. Angie says:

    How much for these favor boxes? How big are they?

  5. Tess says:

    4th birthday party on September 28th–How much for 50 of these bags? and 25 of the Dwarf holders?–If they are still available. Please and thank you–Tess

  6. roya says:

    Hi was looking for 50 of these and 25 of the dwarfs… How much and how soon can I get em

  7. Pamela says:

    Hi, Would like to order some of your Snow White boxes. I need only 10, if that is possible.
    Also, do you make any other boxes of princesses?
    Thank you

  8. Elisa says:

    Hi! Can you please give the price for 24 of these beauties!!!

  9. Tere says:

    Hi!! I love these how much do they cost and how can I order? I need some ASAP

  10. Patricia macias says:

    I would like to know how to order the Snow White dress party favors 80 thanks!

  11. Mishellbaltazar says:

    where can i order these ?

  12. Christina says:

    Hi…doing my daughterschedule 1st birthday snow white..love your idea of the lil dress boxes..how did u do them? Or get them from? Thank you..