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Kara's Party Ideas United States Tour and Workshop KarasPartyIdeas.com Sugar Coated Mama 2

Everyone has been buzzing about my AUSTRALIAN TOUR & upcoming BRAZILIAN TOUR and have been asking why I’m not doing a US tour. Well, today we have something to tell you! 

KarasPartyIdeas.com & Sugar Coated Mama are excited to announce the…

Kara’s Party Ideas UNITED STATES TOUR- Party Conference & Workshop! 

I’m SOOOOO excited! More details coming soon!

If you’re interested in being a vendor at a workshop near you email us at [email protected] for details.

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  1. Cayse

    Please PLEASE say you are coming to Denver. You have to!!

  2. Fabs.....

    Pleeease… and to Miami, Florida….. ::)

  3. TMZ

    Is Honolulu Hawaii on the list?!! Plz!

  4. Trisha

    Dallas, Texas, pretty please!!

  5. Wendy Byde

    PLEASE come to California! Southern California!!!

  6. Cristy

    Come to Northeast PA or Philly! I can even travel to NYC!

  7. Rachel

    Would LOVE to see you in Atlanta!

  8. Kisha

    Hoping NYC will be on the list?

  9. Juliana Reis

    Im waiting the Brazilian Tour! =)

  10. Fabs...

    Dear Kara… Do you have a Date for USA Tour?… We are waiting!!! :) Please, advise….