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  1. Manon Naassens says:


    I have a question about the cake pops in the shave of fishes.
    These winter, on the 6th of December, there is a special person who is coming to visit the little ones at my school.
    We have to make sure that “Sinterklaas” (a old man who gives the sweet children presents) has a wonderful party with the children.
    The whole night is in theme of the boat of “Sinterklaas” but my group and I are responsible for the catering and our theme is “under the sea”.
    Specially for the children we want to give them a theme they wouldn’t forget.

    So our theme is totally about the sea and your cake pops would definitely fit in our menu.
    My question to you is, how we have to make them?

    It would be such a thank you if you would send me the recipe.
    We want to make our theme so perfect that the school would be pleasant with our idea.

    I send you in the meanwhile my thanks.

    Greeting from Naassens Manon
    Student at the Hotel-en Toerismeschool Spermalie.