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  1. Rosario hernandez

    Where you got those clothes and hats?

    My son will be four this July so I want make a planner early.

    Let me know ASAP

  2. Antia

    Where did you find the horses at? I wants some for my son’s birthday party.

  3. connie

    Gorgeous work!!!

    Where can I get those little Colored cases you used for the alien ,Woody ,mr potato head cake pops etc?

  4. Amanda

    Do you know the etsy shop for the hats???

  5. Jessica

    Would love to know where the hats and vests are from! :) Thank you!

  6. shamiran

    I love the hats and vests as well. Please tell me where I can get them or how were they made?

  7. leticia ramirez

    Me encantan los sombreros y chalecos, así. Por favor decirme donde puedo conseguir ellos o cómo fueron

  8. Bisa Nomerix

    I appreciate your work, thanks for all the great blog posts.