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  1. Wendy

    Awww, so cute. I loved reading The Little Prince and this is such a beautiful take on it!

  2. Madelyn Lising

    Theses are lovely!!!!hm for the entire supplies?

  3. Viviane

    So adorable!!!
    Where can i buy these supplies?

    Thank you

    • ella

      I would like to inquire about this elegant theme, my son will be turning 7th years old and he wants to be a prince, I’m really hoping someone can reply this. thank you very much

  4. yu kim

    oh my .. i love entire deco and every single detail!!
    can i buy those supplies?

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  6. Claire

    adorable! where can I get entire decoration supplies?

  7. Ashtika

    Where can I get the supplkies for this great party?
    How much will this cost roughly?

  8. ella

    the prince party theme is so amazing, I have a 7th year old boy wants to have a prince theme, please help me where can I purchase this items. thanks

  9. Missy

    Love these decorations! I looking to purchase the entire set, where can I buy them?

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