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  1. Adriana h says:

    I wanted to know ur prices for cake pops and the minions cookies

  2. Trish Juarez says:

    I’d like to find out if you have minion pinata how much…Nd do you have a minion theme for 3rd birthday for a boy like you have fir the 5th birthday…

  3. Crystal. says:

    How much do u charge for the minion wood centerpiece?

  4. Gabriela says:

    I’m trying to get some ideals for my son’s first his birthday theme is minion

  5. Yolanda says:

    NHey…i would like to know how much are the centerpiece an minions cookies…Thanks

  6. Izela says:

    I would like to know your centerpiece prices on assorted minions, please & thank you!