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Here’s the birthday banner i just finished for my boys’ circus party. you can’t really see the detailed paper, but it’s all circus themed.

Have you gone to a circus or carnival and played the goldfish toss game?
You try and get a ping pong ball into at least one of a bunch of water filled glasses that are set out. If you do get one in, you win a goldfish..which is then put in a little clear bag for you to take home.
So, these are my goldfish prizes for our little goldfish toss game! They are soap! I got so excited when I found them on Tip Junkie as an idea for a cute mermaid party gift favor. So, I revised them a bit, and ta-da!!

Gold Fish Prize

Here’s a quick description of how I made them:
! got glycerin soap and melted it in the microwave. Added soap scent oil to make the soap smell good then I poured the hot soap into clear favor bags and then placed the bag in a bowl of ice water while holding a plastic goldfish in place with skewers. So fun, huh??!!
I tied cute little ribbons on them and a personalized circus tag i designed that says, ‘Kaden & Gavin’s circus birthday’…Here’s my party favors. I made name tags in photoshop to look like tickets. I’m attaching the names to each box.
And just an FYI…I’m going to give the favors out at the beginning of the party because they have things in them that the kids will need for the whole sha-bang. What’s inside:
Tickets (that they’ll need for each carnival booth I’m going to have)
Circus scene sticker sheet
Circus animal notepad
Circus animal mask
Clown nose (that they’ll put on to have a picture in a ‘photo booth’)
Circus animal finger puppet…fun, fun, fun!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love everything! Thanks so very much for sharing. Great blog! I’ll be back.

  2. kitchen doughdough says:

    You’re amazing! LOVE it!

  3. NorthLasVegasmom says:

    I love the goldfish in the bag!!! That would be a fun favor to give adults at one of our dinner parties. I may have to do a circus dinner…. we could all dress up like circus charactors- the hairy woman, the two headed lady, the tatooed man.. oh… there are so many!!!

  4. alli says:

    would you be interested in making and selling me some of those tickets with the names on them? i am having a carnival themed party in july and would love those.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see on your homepage for this party there was a fabric circus photo op sheet- you mention that you had a plastic one as well. I jsut wanted to know where you got them! i cant find them anywhere on the net at all!



  6. vania says:

    so sorry you got rained out. I know that was disappointing. I hope that your raindate is nice and sunny!

  7. Liz McCoy says:

    WE're doing the goldfish too for our carnival party! Loved seeing that on Martha Stewart's show last year.

    Thanks for all the great ideas seems we're on the same page. I hope ours turn out as cute!

  8. boro*living says:

    i believe banners can be found at hobby lobby. you can also go to ebay and search carnival banners.