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Today I am featuring some amazing parties that were photographed by Wendy Updegraff. The first one up…this over the BIG top CIRCUS BIRTHDAY PARTY by Oriana Hetsler! These photos will make your jaw drop. SO much planning must have gone into this party! Everything is absolutely amazing. Every. Single. Detail. Is. Perfect. I love the tags, banners, ribbon, signs, lions, colors, kids, FERRIS WHEEL, rosette’s…and on, and on! Amazing job, Oriana! Congratulations on being today’s winning party feature!

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  1. silentai. says:

    oh gosh! this is such a fun colorful party… and the whole family is matching!! (: super cute.



  2. Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet says:

    Oh my goodness a Ferris wheel, best party eva!

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow how loaded must they be lol spoilt much? ;)

  4. I love the hats on the lions' heads and the hot dog machine. What great ideas!

  5. Miss Meg says:

    Really?? A pony, magician, AND ferris wheel?!?! My kids would kill for five minutes at that party! Its beautifully done (I LOVE the lions with hats!!!)

  6. Little ONE Boutique says:

    So cute! I think the lions with the hat and the clown nose is my favorite part! Super cute ideas! LOVE!!!

  7. Cynthia says:

    WOW…Absolutely stunning! Everything about this party was gorgeous! Love the lions!

  8. lauren Bezuidenhout says:

    Too cute!

  9. Anonymous says:

    so this amazing part with rides and ponys and clowns. every detail thought out and perfect….

    so whats up with the box sheet cake left in the pyrex pan on display?!?! did no one else not notice that??

    thats just odd to me….

  10. Oriana Hetsler says:

    Dear anonymous. The cake left out in the Pyrex on top of the elephant arthurt court holder had to be on a Pyrex due to the fact that it was a tres leches cake which is a moist cake with lots of juices and in a cake stand it would not hold. Hope that's explains my tacky display in your eyes. The only reason why I even had this cake and a backup which was delicious not to mention gone by the time the party was done. LOL my mother made it which made it very special for me as well as the kids. Yes I coil have paid for a $200 cake no problem like in the past but this was sentimental for us. How would you have displayed it different so I can take notes for next time? And just a quick question… Why anonymous????

  11. Anonymous says:

    sweetie they are just haters! you did a FABULOUS job on your party. even an ADULT would kill to have this much creatvity put into one of there parties. If only they knew what the taste of a tres leches cakes was, they would not be complaining, BEATS ANY CAKE!!!! It does not look tacky either, its in a clear case, it would look tacky if they colors didn´t fit right or it was in lets say, a card board box….yeah now THAT would be RANDOM!! KUDOS to your hard work and dedication!!! :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oriana, a proud Latina here who makes amazing tres leches lol..love them….and even if it was your only cake , its your fiesta…..they are only kids once, after that, its their decision…every detail was impecable..good job..

    the loaded and spolied anonymus..she is paid for that party not you.. so what??

  13. Leanne Bartell says:

    This party is amazing! Thanks so much for posting it, Kara. It's given me great ideas! If you haven't tried tres leche cake then you're missing out. A perfect party cake. I am sorry Orianna about the comments…that is not how us readers of Kara's Party Ideas are. congratulations on being featured! Pay no attention to the money comment, they are only jealous.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think that the party is wonderful, but I think tacky is to mention that you can pay $200 for a cake and the brand of your pyrex holder LOL!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Love the party!! Where did you get the big blue balloons with polka dots??

  16. Oriana Hetsler says:

    To anonymous on July 30th: listen if you want to be a party pooper be it but keep it to yourself. If your mother didn't teach you manners while growing up, now it's a good start. No one likes to read negativity on blogs.

    To the last anonymous: I got the blue polkadot balloons at a local party store. BUT… These were not the ones that I actually had in mind. I wanted the really nice and round ones that Martha Stewart is so famous for showing in the past. The girl said those were it but they aren't. :-( if you google big round balloons on the Internet, I saw a warehouse place that sold 6 for around $10. Otherwise all the other little party boutiques will charge you about 4-5 bucks each plus get them filled. I ran out of time for mine that's why I didn't but them online. Hope this helps.

  17. Nicole says:

    Amazing party! Where did you find your daughters dress? If etsy what seller? My daughters first birthday is next month and circus theme. I'm having trouble finding an outfit I like. Thank you

  18. Dawn Richardson says:

    Hi, What an absolutely Fantastic Party!!! I am a Wedding & Event Planner. Girl you are so talented, I have been doing this for 20 years and have done and seen many many Parties and you need to go into business!!:) I Love the balloon topiary and would Love to get or make one for a Baby Shower in pinks if I could!!:) Where can i get one or how can I find out how to do one????:) And P.S Yes there is alot of jellous people in our world and it is so UGLY!!!!Those people need to read the Bible and be Happy for others and Really understand what we are here on this Earth for????
    Thank You so so much for sharing this outstanding Party!! i would Love to do this for my Daughter one day!!!:)
    Dawn with Tickled Pink Designs:)

  19. Lissette says:

    Amazing party! Please let me know where you got your daughter’s dress. Thank you!

  20. Pansona says:

    Cute party! Where on earth did you find the ferris wheel? What a great memory for your kids! :)

  21. Pansona says:

    Also the decorated fountain lions…beyond awesome!