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Today I am showcasing the cutest MERMAID BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Tami Goeckeritz of

Tami G. Photography. This party was actually the winner of my Summer Hostess Party Contest a few months back. Can you see why it got the most votes? So adorable. I love the vintage doors, the sand cake, the beach towel mermaid tails, the starfish sandwiches, the seahorse cookies, the “sea foam” cotton candy, the netting, the sand box & more! Tami did an amazing job!!

Here is what Tami said about the party- “Gwynn Wasson designed all of my cute printables, the invitations, banner, tiaras, name tags, Cotton Candy labels, cupcake wrappers and favor tags.  She worked so hard and designed exactly what I wanted! 

Brittany, from Edible Details, designed my darling cupcake toppers, the darling mermaids and the sea shells. I seriously LOVED them, she did such a great job!!
My table cloth was made by Nan, from Pots and Pins.
The wooden mermaid sign was done by Michelle Tucker from The little design company.
The cake was done by my friend Mari.
The cupcakes and the sea shell cookies were made by my friend Melanie.
The embroidered names on the place mats were done by Carol at Top Stitch in downtown Modesto.
My mom made the adorable mermaid tales out of beach towels.
Photography by Tami G. Photography.”

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  1. ::Belo Papel:: Festas Personalizadas says:

    OMG! So wonderful! Love it!

    Deliene Alvarenga

  2. And U Jest says:

    Make me wish I had a pool or even a yard to do this in! Love the party!

  3. Tami says:

    This made my day! So fun to see my party on your website!! Thanks Kara!:))

  4. Unknown says:

    Super, SUPER awesome! I'm doing a mermaid party for my 6 y/o in March (not quite swimming weather, unfortunately) and will borrow several ideas. I had beta fish at my beach-themed wedding, but wouldn't have thought of them for the party.
    Now we NEED a tutorial for the towels.

  5. Christina says:

    Love this!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    this is just wo wowee..i love teh colours, i LOVE the mermaid towels, migth even have to try that one myself one day, after a tangled theme pasrty for my girls last year i was lookgin at a pool/mermaid party this year..and this has given me sooo much inspiration:) so thankyou! oh and we dont hav ea pool either but we will hire a big water slide:)

  7. Lisa says:

    Very cute ideas! I love the mermaid towels. Is there any chance your mom will do a tutorial for us on them or maybe a closeup picture?

  8. Karen says:

    My granddaughter is having a mermaid party and I wanted to make those towels. Have NO idea how though. Can you please post a tutorial? They are just adorable!!!!!!!

  9. Tessy says:

    Hey, I am doing a mermaid party for my little girl in a few weeks and I am buying the print out stuff that you used to do this. I was wondering if you would email me a few more pics of how you decorated! You are so creative and everything that you put together for your little ones party was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so very much!

  10. Roxana Villasana says:

    Hello, I am writing from Mexico city I love everything, but my favorite thing was the towels can you post your tutorial please. Thank you

  11. Cristy says:

    Hi, I’m doing a mermaid party for my daughters 4th birthday. I love the sand castle that you have shown. Is that ediable? Or is it just a decoration?? How did you make it? Thanks

    • erin says:

      I’ll bet it’s brown sugar.

    • Brandi says:

      It says above the picture in the party detail description that it’s a sand castle cake. Most often times people will use graham cracker crumbs on top of frosting so it isn’t as sweet but you could use brown sugar too. I’d just be afraid of all the kids bouncing off the walls from all the sugar! :)

  12. Natalie Perez says:

    Hey, I just want to know if you have a site to sell all those things of little mermaid birthday party?!?!?!?!?

  13. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Hi – Where did you get your Mermaid towels wraps for the girls to wear? Did you make them or buy them?


  14. Heidi b says:

    How can I contact Michelle tucker in regards to buying the “mermaids this way” sign
    Thank you

  15. Kara Belden says:

    I just wanted to say that your mom is a genus!! The mermaid towels that she created for the girl’s, are absolutely amazing!!! I have found a few tutorials, but I have to say none of them turn out as wonderfully as these. I am dying to know how your mom put these together??? Please consider posting a tutorial. I will even be willing to pay for a tutorial to compensate for your time. I would like to use this pattern to come up with mermaid tails for my daughters 5th birthday party coming up in August. Please consider my request. Thank you so very much for your time!!

    Kara Belden

  16. Jazmine Auroua King says:

    I love the under the sea themed I will do it for my daughter 12th birthday

  17. Lauren says:

    Where did you get the mermaids this way sign?

    • Mandy Bradshaw says:

      Thanks for reaching out!! This isn’t a Kara’s Party Ideas party, so your best bet is to reach out directly to the party stylist. Her name and link are in the first paragraph of the party post. You can also check the vendor list in the post. XOXO!