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  1. Wendy says:

    Very pretty! Love the colors!

  2. Kass says:

    Cute party idea! I was wondering if you had people wrap their presents or left them unwrapped so people could just see them.


  3. Danelle York says:

    I love this and am hosting my long time splurge group next month. I’ve decided to do favourite things themed. Was curious if you have a PDF or something with the little questionnaire on it that you may be willing to share. Looks great and I’m excited to host mine!

  4. Robbin R says:

    Yes! The Favorite Things PDF would be awesome to have. I can’t see what the end asks for but it would help make sure you had lots of bases covered.

  5. Desma says:

    Yes, Please give us the pdf for the favorites things list for each person to complete. Love this idea!

  6. Julie Evans says:

    I’m getting ready to host a favorite things party and I would love a pdf of your list for your getting to know you game.
    Thanks so much.