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  1. Charmaine/ All in a Soiree says:

    Awh what a cute themed birthday party.

  2. Jen says:

    Do you have a printable for the thank you on the party favor by any chance? Thank you so much!!!

  3. Shelley says:

    So adorable!! I especially like your cardboard cut out idea with the hair!! Where did you find the cardboard Rapunzel?!

  4. Kim says:

    What do you have wrapped up on top of the watercolors? I just got the same watercolors for my daughter’s party so trying to figure out how to finish it off.


  5. Jacqueline says:

    I had them tied onto an apon/smock (from the dollar store) with a thank you tag on top. :)

  6. keke says:

    Where did you get the water color palette from

  7. ROXANA says:

    Hello!! All is awesome!! I will like to ask you where did you bought the little purple frames.

  8. Autumn says:

    Hey where did you get the rapunzel cutout for the window?

  9. Lina says:

    how did you do the hair coming out of the window with rapunzel? Is that table cloths or what is it?

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Plastic tablecloths from the dollar store :)

  11. Cassi says:

    How did you make the hair coming down the front of the house?

  12. Ashley says:

    Where did you get Rapunzel’s Hair Candy from?

  13. Marcela says:

    What all is in the paint goodie gifts?