Kara's Party Ideas Pow Wow Party {Ideas, Supplies, Decor}

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  1. Amanda says:

    I am a Métis. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am a teacher. In all of these roles, I seek to educate. While I don’t believe that the author of this blog and it’s corresponding contributors and followers are intentionally promoting an agenda of misunderstanding and stereotype, I do believe that when we participate in a very public and shared platform like the World Wide Web, it is dutiful to help each other to understand things better. Empirically, this powwow party is inappropriate. Although your ideas are colorful, creative, and unique, they perpetuate common myths about Aboriginal peoples, who, in and of themselves, are culturally diverse. What happens when we continue with powwow parties, cowboys and “Indians”, and labelled literature, is that we become part of the legacy that continues to pigeonhole and discriminate against Aboriginals. And while I agree to some extent that luau and fiesta themed parties also incorrectly connect outdated symbols and costumes with Hawaiian and Mexican cultures and people, historically, those cultures do not have unfortunate history of cultural assimilation they way many Aboriginal peoples do (please accept however, that I am not wholly schooled in these rich cultural identities as much as I am aware of my own). That is the difference. For centuries, Aboriginal people have been identified as “the other”. In and of that time, it was expected that Aboriginals conform to mainstream standards. Residential schools, reserve land standoffs, murders, even squashing the right to vote. We must
    Continue to fight these things. What we need is the help of non-Aboriginals to spread the authentic and realistic images of our people. Again, while I appreciate your effort, creativity and enthusiasm, Please consider removing this party from your library.

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