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Macaron or Macaroon for Kara's Week in Review {3rd Edition} via Kara's Party Ideas | karaspartyideas.com

Gourmet Gallery’s perfect rendition of the macaroon or macaron difference!

The party world, just like any other specialized industry has its own jargon. Here at Kara’s Party Ideas we love it when we can see the humor in our passion. Take for example the struggle between the coconut macaroon and the French macaron–two distinctly different sweets, but often misspelled (even here sometimes by dubious, but well meaning editors!).

We loved these images about the poor little macaroon and his glamorous distant French cousin.

Leilia Love's rendition of macaron versus macaroon via Kara's Party Ideas | karaspartyideas.com

Leila Love’s rendition of the spelling struggle of the macaron.

This is just one example of the things we do to keep ourselves entertained here. What party-related goofs have you seen or what is your party pet-peeve?

Kara’s Week in Review {3rd Edition}

So, now to my week in review–and what a great week in parties it has been! We’ve had gender reveal parties, superhero excitement, and my favorite one-legged pink birds in the spotlight. My top 4 parties of the week include the following:

  • Glamorous Floral Gender Reveal Party: the flowers from this glamorous gender reveal party are so beautiful, as are all of the details in this top-notch event.
  • Flamingo Pool Party: with vibrant colors and the party planners of the bird world, this fun pool party is one not to miss.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party: you will feel as though you have stepped inside the clubhouse when you see this amazing birthday celebration!
  • Pink Vintage Cowgirl Birthday: your little cowgirl will squeal with joy (and let out a little yee-haw!) when you check out this vintage cowgirl goodness!

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