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When planning a party, you want to make sure that your guests have fun, that you create an inviting atmosphere, and that guests don’t go home hungry. You know how that feels, right? You get to a party and before you know it, you are hungry.

Then that hungry feeling turns into a hangry feeling.

Party tip: It is always a good idea to avoid hangry guests.

However, food can be expensive!

Because party food can be a strain on your budget, we’ll go over some super easy, and unique money saving food tips for your next party!

Party Food on a Budget

The first tip is to fill your tables with inexpensive, yet delicious and beautiful food. Don’t think main dish, think about the variety of inexpensive sides you can offer.

Party food on a budget: fill up on bread via Kara's Party Ideas

Bread is such an inexpensive and eye-catching way to fill up tummies and keep costs low at a party.


Budget party ideas--fill up on salads! Party food on a budget

Salads are a great way to fill in the food gaps for your party. Bonus points are awarded if you have a garden or you know someone with a garden that can supply your salad ingredients.


Budget party salads--a colorful addition to a party! Party food on a budget via Kara's Party Ideas

Salads add a rich variety of color to your tablescape in addition to being budget-friendly.


Party food on a budget via Kara's Party Ideas

Mommy Snippets has the right idea when it comes to budget party food. See the rice dish? Very cheap option for a party menu.


Party food on a budget pick potatoes! Kara's Party Ideas

Our last entry into inexpensive tummy fillers for your party are potatoes. Mashed, baked, fried, or done up beautifully like these hassleback potatoes, you can’t miss when you place potatoes on the menu.


The second tip is to strategically portion food out for party guests. 

Budget food ideas from Party City via Kara's Party Ideas

Placing a few french fries and some ketchup in party-sized portions is a great way to make sure someone doesn’t go overboard on fries. This eliminates waste, both of food and money. As a bonus, it looks great!


Game day snacks from Kara's Party Ideas

Here is another great Kara’s Party Ideas example of individualized party food.


Budget food ideas: cake servings guide via Kara's Party Ideas

You can minimize waste by using this handy cake cutting guide for your party cake.


Budget party food: prepackaged ice cream via Kara's Party Ideas

Another great way to minimize waste, and save on time is to place individualized portions of ice cream in containers and store in a freezer until it is time for cake and ice cream.

Buy Low and Stock Up


Finally, when you are planning a party, consider crafting your menu around the food items that are in season, on sale, or ripening in your garden. Many food items freeze well, so you can also keep an eye out for sales and stock up items for keeping in your freezer. You can use this handy list to read about what freezes well and how to properly freeze it, and for how long!


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