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Here at Kara’s Party Ideas we get many questions everyday, and most of them are repeat questions– dare I say–frequently asked questions?? Your excellent question might be here, with a hopefully equally excellent answer! Check it out!

Question: Kara, how do you find time to create, plan, and style all of the parties on your website?? You must be super human, or at least a party robot!

Answer: I am certainly no more super human or robotic than any of my fellow party stylists, and as much as I would like to take credit for every darling party featured here, I can’t! If you look in the first paragraph (or so) of every party post, you’ll see who styled and submitted the party, usually with a link to their own party site. I want every stylist and submitter to get the credit they are due!


Question: How do I know if a party that is posted was styled by you Kara?

Answer: My parties are usually designated by the tag “Kara’s Signature Parties” and it will always credit Kara Allen or Kara’s Party Ideas in the post.


Question: Can I buy specific supplies from the parties that you feature?

Answer: Unfortunately, we don’t have everything that is listed in every party that is submitted to us.

However, you normally can purchase supplies from the parties, but we don’t always know where to purchase the supplies, unless we styled the party.

If you want to know where to get supplies from a party, you can look at the listed vendors in the post, or you can contact the party stylist of that particular party.

We do have a party shop that has many basic and as well as specific party supplies. You can find these party supplies at Kara’s Party Ideas Shop.


Question: How do I contact the person who styled a party that is not a Kara’s Signature Party?

Answer: In the first paragraph of the party post the stylist is listed, and a link to the stylist website is almost always included. Click on the stylists name and it will take you to the website where you can find contact info. If a link isn’t included, you can usually find info by Googling the stylists name or business name.


Question: How do I find out who made the cake in this party?

Answer: Most often the party submitters will include a list of vendors who supplied items for their party. If you are looking for who made a cake (or where they got the cute printables, or who made the pizza rolls, or who did the life-sized spaceship construction), check out the list of vendors included in the post. If you don’t see a list of vendors, that means that they didn’t give us that information and we are as sad as you.


Question: I found a picture of the cutest party, but it is just the picture. How do I get to the whole party??? HELP!

Answer: Let’s say that you found a picture from a Vintage Disneyland Party and you want to the find whole party. Here are some directions:

1: You can look on the page that has the picture you found. In the URL (where you type in the address of the website you want to visit) you will see an address for Kara’s Party Ideas. For example, for this picture it says http://karaspartyideas.com/2013/09/vintage-disneyland-party.html/disney-74

If you click on the URL it will be highlighted. Push the right arrow button so your cursor is at the end of the address. Backspace until disney-74 is gone. Then press enter. It will take you to the whole party!!

2. Or you can go to Kara’s Party Ideas home page (www.karaspartyideas.com) and in the search box in the upper right hand, you can type in Vintage Disneyland Party and the party should show up.


Have any other questions? You can contact us using the “Contact” button on the home page.