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i need to hurry and post these photo’s from our 4th of july bbq we had the other day before the 4th has come and gone! the 4th snuck up on me this year :).

this bbq was really fun to put together and plan. i purchased the 4th of july pack at paper & cake last month & have been really excited to use it {although i didn’t use everything i wanted to}. good old uncle sam greeted all our guests by the bbq here’s the cupcakes i made with paper and cake’s printables {you buy the pack, download it, print it, and cut and assemble..for those of you that don’t know}. i put drink parasols and round toppers on the cupcakes…along with some 4th of july pinwheels i found at the craft store…i attached red and blue ribbons to some white lanterns and hung them everywhere… a close up of the 4th of july banner…

here’s the plates and snack boxes etc. i actually didn’t use the boxes for snacks though, i came up with the idea to use them as hamburger sleeves! they worked perfectly!…here’s the napkins etc… marshmallow stars {the kids LOVED them. they were gone within minutes}…i bought 4th of july taffy & put it in a star bowl…the table centerpieces & festive coasters {it had gotten dark by the time i snapped this pic}…the watermelon beverage dispenser!! i carved out the watermelon and added the spigot and strawberry watermelon juice. easy, and so cute! {i know, the s is upside down..hehe}…
the hamburger sleeves i was talking about… my friend lyndsey {kitchen doughdough} made some awesome cupcake/brownie shish kabobs! click on her site to see the how to…all the kiddios watching fireworks…

it was a fun bbq! happy 4th of july!!

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  1. Kasey Hunt says:

    That watermelon idea is amazing. Where can you buy just the spigot and did it last through the whole party? I really like the table cloths as well.

  2. kara's parties says:

    thanks, kasey. i bought a plastic drink dispenser at walmart..it had a removable spigot! ya, it lasted..you just have to make sure you scrape out the watermelon REALLY well so there isn't any pulp or chunks in the juice :)..hehe

  3. Adriana says:

    Love the watermelon idea..super cute!

  4. Heidi B C says:

    I love the watermelon too!!! What a great idea…I'll have to try that out!

  5. Lyndsey says:

    The watermelon was my favorite!

  6. Visions Events Designs says:

    Love the details you put in this barbque, the drink dispensor is so adorable. Thanks for the inspirations.

  7. Gesch Family says:

    I love this festive bbq, especially the watermelon beverage dispenser!

  8. Joanna says:

    I love the watermelon and the hamburger sleeves!!! How creative.

  9. Brittany says:

    You never cease to amaze me with all of your ideas! I LOVE the watermelon idea! So going to use that!

  10. Hope says:

    I like everything about this party. I so need one of those shade covering's that you so brilliantly decorate for most of your parties. I love to see all your creative ideas. I love the printables you used for the party. The hamburger sleeves are my favorite! Great party!

  11. Gigi777 says:

    I'm another watermelon lover. Hey Kara, what would you say are your best invesments for parties that you can use over and over again? Tents.. tables.. enlighten us :D

  12. RoxieMommy says:

    I LOVE this! We have a traditional 4th of July parade along our block every year and our family like to end it with a BBQ and swim party. These are AWESOME ideas! Thanks!

  13. Wishes and Whimsy says:

    Have to agree with most of the comments on here–love the watermelon dispenser!! Wish I had thought of that for my son's farm birthday!

  14. JenS says:

    I love your ideas and I need help! We have had the local ice cream lady come to our last few 4th of July Parties. I love that people were surprised, but I need to come up with a new WOW for out party. It is a potluck bbq for 60-75. Also where did you find the snack/ burger holders?

    Thanks for your help!!!!!

  15. katherinemarie says:

    So FANTASTIC!!!! I want to come just so I can take pics of all your amazing details!!!!