Kara's Party Ideas Giveaway! Hand Stamped Personalized Jewelry by Wheat and Wildflowers! | Kara's Party Ideas

i have a wonderful giveaway for you!!
i’m excited to introduce you to one of my sponsors,

Wheat and {Wildflowers}

for her touching story go here

one lucky reader will win a…
$25 wheat & wildflowers gift certificate!

there are THREE ways to enter!

click on over to check out her site {here}, browse through all her darling jewelry, then come back and leave a comment telling me what item of hers is your favorite!


if you blog, facebook, or tweet about the giveaway you can add an extra comment telling me you did so!


for yet another extra entry…become a fan {log in and click on ‘like’ button} on facebook of bothme and wheat & wildflowers {for her facebook fan page go here….for my facebook fan page go here} and leave a comment telling me you did so!

the giveawayends on friday, june 18th at 11:59 pm
the winner will be announced the following morning

good luck!

THE cutest things…you have got to check out her sitehere.

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  1. Heather says:

    Love the cute little ladybug one!

  2. veronica says:

    Hello!! I really liked the "live for today". My niece b-day is around the corner and she would like that!

  3. Jeff, Catina & the Kids says:

    "Enough love to go around" So many beautiful peices!!

  4. Bridgit says:

    I like the Blessed / simple circle. [email protected]

  5. Jean says:

    I like Pearls and Rubies because my birthstone is Ruby. I am also a fan of yours on facebook and have your blog on my blogroll.

    Your blog brightens my day! Jean

  6. Linda J. says:

    My favorite piece over there is 'a mother's heart'. I would give it to my mom because I know I don't show it, but I really appreciate her!

  7. Linda J. says:

    I also posted this in my blog!


  8. Nichcole says:

    I would love to own any piece honestly, they are all so nice.

  9. Linda J. says:

    I also became a fan of both of you on facebook!

  10. Laura says:

    I really like scalloped initial. It's so simple and pretty.

  11. Dixon Family says:

    I would pick the enough love to go around. It's beautiful!

  12. Dixon Family says:

    fb fan of your blog and Wheat and Wildflowers.

  13. Karen says:

    I love them all, but I think I would choose laugh. promise. hope. It's me!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Emmy says:

    Love love love these! I like the Virtue one best- a daily reminder of how lucky I am and that I should be thanking God for these blessings.

  15. Jenny Estenson says:

    I love your site, I check it everyday. I threw a Circus theme party for my 4 children ages 11, 9, 4 and 2! Your site game me so many ideas and I had a lot of fun decorating, not to mention the kids and parents had a blast! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  16. Anonymous says:

    also added Wheat and Wildflowers to my favs!

  17. Emmy says:

    also added Wheat and Wildflowers to my favs!

  18. Melissa Jones Photography says:

    oh love the mom one!

  19. Melissa Jones Photography says:

    I just shared on my facebook. everyone will love this chance!

  20. Myra says:

    GRACE AND HOPE!!! My church is Grace Community and I'm going on a mission trip w/ Asia's Hope to visit orphans in Thailand and Cambodia!!! :)

  21. Melissa Jones Photography says:

    just became a fan but have been a fan yours for awhile

  22. Nina says:

    I love "Virtue"! A beautiful reminder of the important things to do each do. Love it!

  23. Christina says:

    My favorite is definitely A Mama's Love. So sweet. :)

  24. Christina says:

    I tweeted about your wonderful giveaway!


  25. Christina says:

    I "liked" your and Wheat and Wildflowers Facebook pages!

  26. Laura says:

    I love "enough love to go around" So sweet!

  27. Ashley says:

    I love all of her stuff!! It was hard to pick just one!

  28. Kait Emerson Designs says:

    I like the FB fan page and Just LOVE a mom love doubled… SUch pretty thing here… Now off to follow you on Twitter..

  29. Mandy says:

    Kara, LOVE all of them, but I like tiny type initial…I would get it for my friend who lost her baby boy.

  30. Mandy says:

    Totally a fan of yours already….AND now a fan of wheat and wildflowers

  31. Mandy says:

    Facebooked (is that a word?) about it.

  32. allthingsadored says:

    i like the necklace with laugh, promise, hope stamped on it!

  33. *The Thompson Fam says:

    I love the simple name with the baby feet! So Cute!

    Amy Thompson

  34. Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful story! I love the faith pendant with the fresh water pearl and crystal.

  35. christym says:

    I absolutely love the blessed simple circle necklace. It is perfect!

  36. Stephanie says:

    I really like the baby steps necklace. So simple and so sweet!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  37. Stephanie says:

    I became a fan of yours on Facebook!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I became a fan of Wheat and Wildflowers on Facebook!

  39. Charity says:

    I like the one that says Charity. ( I wonder why?) It's a good reminder:)

  40. *The Thompson Fam says:

    Just became a fan of yours and wheat and wildflowers….

    Amy Thompson

  41. Anonymous says:

    "GRACE"…..Were it not for GRACE….Where would I be? The minute I looked at the jewelry, this particular one leaped into my spirit!!

  42. *The Thompson Fam says:

    I just let all my friends know on facebook!

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog…I seriously check it out every day and have gotten tons of party inspirations here!!
    Thanks for all you do!
    Amy Thompson

  43. The "J" Crew says:

    they are all so nice! Would love to have one with my kids names on them!

  44. Karen says:

    I posted about this giveaway on my blog!

  45. marin says:

    Love, love, love this jewelry! I think my favorite is "more beautiful" as it is such a true reflection of my childrens' presence in my life. Already shared on facebook :-)

  46. Amy says:

    Loving so much of her stuff! But the ladybug and daisy one made me smile. :)

  47. Lovey says:

    The original (with the hand) "grace and hope" is my favorite.

  48. Wilma says:

    I love everything.. they look so cute. Love your website.. I find my inspiration & ideas when I need to throw a party..


    They are all beautiful, I would honestly would enjoy any of them.

  50. Katy says:

    I like "with hope" and "a mother's heart." Everything is cute though!

  51. Katy says:

    I became a fb fan of both of you!

  52. B and C says:

    Such cute jewelry! I love the tiny typed initial… I would get a D for my little one Dylan.

  53. Heather D says:

    I LUV {…more beautiful}…my family makes my life more beautiful!

  54. Heather D says:

    Just added this giveaway to FB!

  55. Heather D says:

    Became a FAN!!!

  56. Anonymous says:

    A mama's love doubled–
    for my daughter, the mother of two sweet boys.

    Beautiful work! I've bookmarked this site.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    [email protected]

  57. Claude says:

    I love the {tiny type initial}

    claudecampeau at videotron dot ca

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. Misty says:

    {enough love to go around} It would be so cute with my daughter's name on it.

    [email protected]

  59. Misty says:

    I like you both on fb!

  60. Anonymous says:

    I am so excited to leave my first comment to you!!! Your site has inspired me to create a wonderful carnival themed birthday party for my daughters 9th birthday. Thank you for sharing all that you do!!!

  61. Dani says:

    LIKE you both of FB :)

  62. Anonymous says:

    Live for Today is my favorite! That ladybug is just too cute – thank you!
    [email protected]

  63. Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) says:

    I must have those baby feet! I must!

  64. Lizabeth says:


  65. Monique says:

    I would love the have a necklace with my 2 boys names :)

  66. Monique says:

    I would love the have a necklace with my 2 boys names :)

  67. Sarah says:

    I really love the blessed simple circle.

  68. Sarah says:

    Just became a facebook fan of yours and Wheat & Wildflowers.

  69. Natalie says:

    I love her {laugh.promise.hope} necklace! Its adorable!

  70. Natalie says:

    I made a tweet about your giveaway :)

  71. Natalie says:

    I am a fb fan of both pages (yours and wheat and wildflowers)

  72. jengd says:

    I'd get {a mama's love}

  73. Amy says:

    I LOVE the Baby Steps necklace. I've been researching these necklaces to purchase one for myself… how wonderful if I won!

    [email protected]

  74. Brady and Rachel says:

    Kara, I SO LOVE the Live for Today one with the ladybug. That hits home most. Its a good reminder, especially since my brother in law passed away unexpectedly 5 years ago, it reminded us how fragile life is and how we need to enjoy each day, not just let it slip by, then baby Gavin was a new reminder, but there are days that its easy to forget how important it is at times if you know what I mean. What a beautiful reminder to have and see daily. Her work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  75. Brady and Rachel says:

    I posted on facebook too! :)

  76. Brady and Rachel says:

    Also now a fan of Wheat and wildflowers, though I was already a fan of yours. :)

  77. Meredith says:

    I like the enough love to go around.

  78. Sarah Ward says:

    I LOve these necklaces. I love the Enough to go around!

    Sooo sweet!

  79. Sarah Ward says:

    I "liked" both of your facebook pages!

  80. danalou says:

    I like the scalloped initial necklace!!

  81. Meredith says:

    My favorite is the "enough love to go around" necklace. What pretty jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Meredith says:

    Just became a fan of both of you on facebook!

  83. The Rohman Family says:

    I love the "tiny type initial" Great giveaway!

  84. Dedee Krause says:

    Love the baby footprints!

  85. Erica Wyatt says:

    love {Love Without Boundaries~a blessed mother} necklace

  86. Erica Wyatt says:

    facebook fans

  87. Erica Wyatt says:

    facebooked it

  88. I love all the mom ones! who doesnt want a great piece of jewelry that shows that your a proud MOM! Love your blog! and always on your blog or on your facebook looking through the cute ideas!! thanks again!!

  89. Shepherd Family ACAL says:

    enough love to go around is my favorite! I adore these cute necklaces!

  90. living eventfully says:

    LOVE the blessed with the pearl pendant! Thanks for the awesome giveaway….

  91. Susan says:

    Love the Lucky Mama necklace…beautiful. Thanks for the fun giveaway

  92. Scott and Cielita Lennon says:

    I really liked the hope, love, dream, believe necklace.

  93. LeAnnie says:

    i love everything! i already have a gift picked out for my BFF when she gets to adopt a baby :)

  94. Julie says:

    I love so many of them but I think my favorite is the Love without boundaries – a blessed mother. Especially since some of the proceeds go towards love without boundaries!

  95. LeAnnie says:

    I also just "liked" both of your facebook pages

  96. LeAnnie says:

    I just tweeted about your contest :)

  97. danyelle says:

    I like the one with the baby feet. And the become one.

  98. Jada says:

    Just became a fan of both pages! So excited–I just found your blog last night and LOVE it!

  99. Tammy says:

    I love the necklace with the baby's name and little feet. Too sweet! I am expecting our second child, and I would love to have one of these necklaces!!!!

  100. Young Family says:

    Heart of Love…cuz that's what I have…Love in my heart!

  101. Young Family says:

    I'm a fan!!

  102. Young Family says:

    I became a fan of Wheat and Wildflowers!

  103. Alice says:

    I like Enough Love to go Around.
    alice.lapray (at) gmail dot com

  104. Kayleigh says:

    love them all! {trust} is my favorite!

  105. Randy, Gigi & Cruz says:

    I ordered two items, one for me and one for my girlfriend as a birthday present – the "enough love to go around" and "a mama's love". Thanks for sharing this awesome site with us!

  106. Anonymous says:

    my favorite is 'enough love to go around'

  107. Angie says:

    I love the Mama's Love Necklace! It's beautiful!!

    rennieangie at gmail dot com

  108. Becca says:

    I'm a simple gal and love the tiny type initial necklace. So cute!


  109. Becca says:

    I put this up on my blog :)

  110. Becca says:

    I 'like' both of you on FB :)

  111. Scott says:

    My favorite piece is a mama's love doubled..perfect!


  112. Scott says:

    I have also "liked" you both on Facebook!

  113. Brooke says:

    I love the Tiny type initial!

  114. Melissa says:

    a mother's love doubled since i just had baby number 2

  115. Melissa says:

    also liked you both on facebook

  116. Rachelle says:

    I have 3 small children and would love to have their initials on a stamped disc. Great gift idea.

  117. Rachelle says:

    I am a fan of both sites on facebook.

  118. Tami L. says:

    I really liked the simple mom necklace..

  119. { Marianne } says:

    I am dying over the pearls! So classy.

  120. Jessica says:

    I love the freedom one for the fourth of July, as well as the enough love to go around!

  121. Jessica says:

    I also became a follower of the wheat and wildflowers blog!

  122. Jorgensens4 says:

    "more beautiful" is something I would enjoy wearing. I like many others, too, but this is what I would choose if I won :)

  123. Jorgensens4 says:

    I "liked" both FB sites.

  124. Boys in the Bulrush says:

    love her jewelry! my favorite is the adoption jewelry, especially the chosen, cherished, loved~circle bc we are waiting on two 7 year old boys from china that we are adopting.

  125. Boys in the Bulrush says:

    I became a fan for you both on facebook and I love your ideas too.

  126. Jason says:

    Well I love both your blogs…obviously:) My favorite necklace is the one that says "blessings" Love it.

  127. The Dutton's says:

    I LOVE the "CHOSEN.LOVED.CHERISHED" necklace-because everyone should feel that way!

  128. sara says:

    i adore the love heart- i'd buy one for all my sisters, my mom, and daughter! simple, sweet, perfect!

  129. Natalie Jane says:

    Love Without Boundaries~a blessed mother is lovely!

  130. Peggy says:

    I love the {i love you~teardrop},Its beautiful!
    [email protected]

  131. Peggy says:

    a fan on facebook of both you and wheat & wildflowers
    Peggy Gorman
    [email protected]

  132. Helen says:

    My favorite is …more beautiful. My daughter's name is Sadie and it's like it was made for me. She makes my life more beautiful because she is a gift from above, a gift that we waited for 15 years. She is truly a miracle! This piece of jewelry is perfect for me!!!

  133. k&m says:

    I love all of Kim's things, but I think my favorite would have to be the "blessed" necklace . . . because I am. I'm a big fan of your site Kara, and in awe of your creative ideas! Also a fan on facebook.

  134. TOLIVER FAMILY says:

    i like the {enough love to go around} beautiful!

  135. Party Flair says:

    can't decide…enough love to go around or a mother's love doubled. :-) hopefully I win this giveaway so I can make a decision!

  136. Party Flair says:

    I am already a fan of your FB page, but I just became a fan of wheat & wildflowers!

  137. Elle Sees says:

    i like become or an initial one!

  138. PepperMint Cocoa says:

    LOve the {live for today} the ladybug is CUTE!! and what GREAT photography!!

  139. Liusmila says:

    love this jewelry.. it's so sweet & delicate… thank you for sharing it with your fans!!

  140. John, Sarah and Maddie says:

    What a great shop! I love the scalloped initial necklace!

  141. Tegan and Tage says:

    The blessed simple circle is my style. What a cute shop– love the "wheat" theme.

  142. A Few of My Favorite Things says:

    My favorite is the "Choose, cherish, love"

  143. A Few of My Favorite Things says:

    I like you both on FB (D. Medina).

  144. Rhiannon says:

    How can I choose just one? Love the mom ones all of them.

  145. Rhiannon says:

    Im your fan on facebook also!

  146. Rhiannon says:

    And I'm gonna blog about it right now!

  147. Anonymous says:

    lucky mama is my favorite. My daughters room is done in lady bugs.

  148. Anonymous says:

    "liked" you both on Facebook!

  149. tina says:

    I love them all, but I would get the "trust" necklace.

  150. sterlingchick7 says:

    I absolutely adore the {enough love to go around} necklace. With 3 little angels of my own, they sometimes don't understand that just because there are 3 of them and only 1 of me. There is ALWAYS {enough love to go around}! : )

  151. sterlingchick7 says:

    Hi! sterlingchick7 here again! I not only posted a link about the giveaway on my FB page, but I commented on your FB page, commented on Wheat and {Wildflowers} FB page. Thanks again for the giveaway!

  152. livelaughlove says:

    Oh My!!!! I love her stuff!!!! Since I am now a senior and just did senior pix. My fav. is her "become" necklace!!!!!

  153. livelaughlove says:

    I facebooked about it too!!!!

  154. livelaughlove says:

    I am also now a fan of both you and her too!!!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  155. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful website. I like the Trust in the Lord necklace. This is something I try to do every day. Shalom

  156. liz says:

    Love the baby feet charm – too cute!