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Yes folks, these are actual cupcakes..not snow cones made out of ice!

So I’m planning a big circus birthday party….and the other day I was thinking about snow cones. I thought they would be fun for the whole event but didn’t know if I wanted to stand behind a snow cone machine making them throughout the whole party. I sat there thinking for a bit, and suddenly came up with the idea of ‘snow cone cupcakes’!!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of them earlier! Just use snow cone papers as cupcake liners and there ya have it!

I made some tester ones tonight :). I want the final ones to be more rounded on top but here’s my quick go at ’em. Cute, huh?!
I just filled the snow cone papers with batter..baked them (now that was the tricky part..but guess what, the snow cone holders you see above are metal…so I used them! I was originally going to use chicken wire over a deep pan, which I think would work as well)..and covered the tops with frosting and bright colored sprinkles! I’m so excited about them! I’ve never seen anything like them. I’m patting myself on the back right now..hehe.

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