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I hope everyone had a great weekend!
My first winning party feature of the week goes to this
Football Birthday Party
submitted by Shindig Parties To Go!
This whole printable party pack can be purchased here! {You can choose your own teams colors!}
And the best part…this whole party table cost less than $100!!
Here’s Amanda’s explanation of how she created the table…

“The dessert table was styled with gameday fun in mind — a little astroturf for a tablecloth, a few pennants, team colors and of course, the field goal post. Using PVC pipe from the plumbing section of the hardware store, I made the goal post to display the birthday boy’s name. After creating the post from pvc, I put a little hot glue on all the fittings to make sure they would stay in place, and then I painted the whole thing bright yellow with spray paint. I used a Dollar Tree trash can in white with some plaster of paris to secure the goal post in place. After the plaster dried, I cut a small piece of the astroturf to cover the plaster.
The letters for Chap’s name were purchased at Hobby Lobby. They were the chipboard capital letters sold in the scrapbook section. I then printed out 4 sheets of the polka dot papers that come with the Team Colors Football printable collection, and traced a letter onto each sheet, alternating colors. Next I cut the letters out and used some Elmer’s glue to adhere the paper to the letter. The number 6 also came from Hobby Lobby but was found in the paper machie box section.

I used megaphones and foam footballs, also from the Dollar Tree, to create the cupcake stand centerpieces. I covered them in 12″x12″ scrapbook paper (which didn’t completely cover the back, but you could piece it together to cover or you could just leave the back unfinished) and then used blue and white polka dot ribbon (Hobby Lobby) to finish off each end of the megaphone.

The cupcake stands were made from boxes covered in a football-leather looking fabric that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics. I then cut a piece of astroturf (Home Depot) to fit the top and added an orange and white polka dot ribbon (Hobby Lobby) for some color.

And the backdrop was made by covering a 4’x4′ board with a $4.00 navy blue sheet from Walmart. Easy peasy and inexpensive, too!

The rest of the party table features more of the Team Colors Football printables…. cupcake toppers in 4 designs (2 of which you can add your own text), football-look cupcake wraps, 2 colors of toothpick pennant flags, larger striped pennant flags in 2 colors, polka dot water bottle wraps with personalization of the birthday child’s age, favor tags with name personalization, and I also used the striped papers from the collection to cover plain white snack boxes that I purchased from the Dollar Tree (wedding section).”

Thanks so much for your submission, Amanda!
Congratulations on being the winning party feature today!


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  1. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    I love that you highlighted how much this table cost. It's super helpful for DIY'ers to know how much it costs to put out these beautiful parties. It adds up fast!

    Also super useful to include where she got the DIY items and how it was done.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ashley @ The Hillside Home says:

    Great party! Love all of the details and wonderful colors! Now I am conflicted…. should I do a car themed party for my son's 2nd bday, or a football theme?? Decisions, decisions. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    AUsome! War Eagle!!!

  4. Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair says:

    Completely love this!!

  5. Maddock Family says:

    Love all the description details!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Susan Crabtree says:

    my son would LOVE this!

  7. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    Wow, please congratulate Amanda on such a great party idea…and so beautifully executed! I love how clearly she described how she put it all together, with lots of helpful tips and tricks.

    Thanks to Kara's Party Ideas!

  8. Manni says:

    Love how everything flows together. I especially like the cupcake holders, how cute are they!!
    Awesome : )

  9. Susan Stabler says:

    LOVE it and a HUGE WAR EAGLE! With a son with an october birthday I have a feeling we will have many of these AU football parties!!!! :)

  10. jennifer says:

    How appropriate! This party is number one just like the Tigers.

  11. Mommy Harris says:

    Perfect! I'm storing this one away for our future son haha. or maybe my daughter would love it who knows! love that you add the price and all the DIY and where you got it. That helps so much. And WAR [email protected]!!!

  12. mal blair says:

    i am in love with this.. WAR EAGLE!

  13. Amanda Parker at Shindig says:

    Thanks to all of you for the sweet comments. This was a fun one for these boys! Thanks to you, too, Kara for the feature!

  14. Jahn says:

    WAR EAGLE!! LUCKY LITTLE GUY. This is all too cute. Great for any Tiger fan young or old.

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