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This weekend’s wonderful winning party feature goes to this SPRINKLE PARTY {BABY SHOWER} submitted by Invitation Parlour. Photography by My Creative Vision.

First things first..I just heart blue, gray & yellow. And when they’re all together- perfection!

Baby ‘Sprinkles’ are becoming more and more popular. If the mother-to-be already has children, and has had a baby shower in the past, you can still ‘sprinkle’ her with gifts as they call it. Such a great idea. Because lets face it, you can never have too many onesies or diapers!

Such a cute shower. Awesome job, Invitation Parlour! Thanks for your submission!

Straws and cupcake liners ordered from The Bakers Confection.
Salt shakers ordered from Beau-Coup.

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  1. Katy Apicello says:

    Goodness! Every single detail of this party is to die for! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Lissa (Bellenza) says:

    What a lovely party motif! And so beautifully pulled off. Gotta remember this one!

  3. BellaVida says:

    Very pretty. So much attention to detail, everything is yellow and green.

    Bella Vida by Letty

  4. Crescendo Event Design says:

    This is so fun and such a quick design idea. I think the circle drops could really be used in many themes.

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  5. Jessica Di Giacomo says:

    so funny!!!great idea

  6. Tania Tangri says:

    Love the whole idea of sprinkle shower for 2nd baby.. And everything about this party is cute…


  7. Melissa H says:

    Gorgeous!! Does anyone know where I can get those paper ice cream cups?

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  8. Juliann Pless says:

    I love this party theme! Would like to replicate for my sister in law – where did you get the circle drops? Or did you make them?

  9. Crystal Miller says:

    Love everything! Question, how did you make your “Sprinkled with Love” labels? Where did you get the dots from?



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  12. Lori says:

    Could you tell me where you got the sprinkle with love and the dots? I am having a sprinkle on Jan 10,2015 and I am stuck on how to decorate and thought your idea was great. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me

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  14. Lorrie Bosch says:

    where can i get those glass shakers with the heart shaped holes up top…