Kara's Party Ideas "Summer Hostess" Party Contest! | Kara's Party Ideas
Hello again to my wonderful fans!

I am super excited to announce that I am hosting another party contest….a “SUMMER HOSTESS” PARTY CONTEST!

Do you have a fun party you planned this summer {or any summer for that matter}? Enter for a chance to receive something in return for your hard work!
2 fans will win an Ultimate Relaxation Package worth over $200 {amazing spa products you can use to pamper yourself at home…something well deserved}!
Even if you don’t submit a party you will have a chance to win…simply by voting {after finalists are chosen}!
1. Post up to 5 pictures from your BEST SUMMER PARTY on my Facebook wall {make sure to add ‘Summer Hostess Contest’ to the caption}. You have to be a fan of Kara’s Party Ideas on Facebook to be able to post photos on my wall. The parties can be from any sort of occasion…just a party you hosted in the summertime! You can submit as many parties as you would like, but please keep it to 5 photos per party.
2. Simply VOTE for your favorite party finalist once the finalists are announced.
A panel of fab judges will choose 8 top party finalists from the fan photos and create a separate album where all facebook fans will be able to vote!
The 8 finalists and grand “SUMMER HOSTESS” winner will also be featured on Kara’s Party Ideas.
For the first portion of the contest, please have your photos uploaded by Friday, August 26th.
Start posting your party photos on my Facebook wall! Good luck!

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  1. Bobbie says:

    Oh fun fun fun. Thank you. I need to tell my sister! She is so great at throwing parties. Her name is Nichole.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do I enter???

  3. kara's party ideas says:

    Post your party photo's on my Facebook wall. Add "Summer Entertaining Contest" to the caption. You can submit up to 5 photo's per party. Thanks!

  4. Oh, Goodness! Desserts says:

    How exciting!!! I haven't thrown a party all summer but it looks like I now have a reason to :)

  5. plumbing supplies says:

    I'm also quite excited with this kind party contest. It seems really fabulous and a lot of fun awaits!

  6. Mary says:

    Nice! I am planning my son's Beach themed party for the 21st, so just in time :-)

  7. *^_^* says:

    Wow! Wonderful! Exciting!

  8. Lasairiona says:

    oh no! :( I'm hosting my first every baby shower on August 28th what a bummer!! I hope you run this comp again sometime!!

  9. julia says:

    when, oh when, shall the finalists be announced??