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My next winning party feature goes to this super sweet VINTAGE MILK & COOKIES 3RD BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff Custom Designs. Seriously, SO cute. Love, love, love the round sugar cookies! I adore the custom milk cartons as well. All the vintage touches are just perfect.

Here is what Maureen said about the party- “We are so excited to formally introduce our collaboration with Kiss Me Kate! Kiss Me Kate is an Australian based Event Planning company that has incredible talent in cake decorating and styling. Kate and Yolanda are the creative team behind Kiss Me Kate that deliver a range of fun, stylish and whimsical party packages. With expertise in artisan cake decorating, marketing and visual merchandising, their attention to detail is impeccable.
I’m excited to share all of the beautiful details today from the Vintage Milk and Cookies styled theme… starting with the tone setting printable invitation that we designed. One thing is for certain – everyone loves milk and cookies so this theme is perfectly fitting for boys or girls birthday parties! We are excited to announce that the Vintage Milk & Cookies Printable Invitation and Design Accessories Collection are now available in our shop.

Visit Kiss Me Kate to see more of their stunning work.  If you are in Australia, they are definitely a wonderful team to work with and would do a beautiful job for your next event!  Check out their site for all of their fantastic party themes.  More to come!”

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  1. Jessica Di Giacomo says:

    i dream my personal milk!!!!so nice, this party are amazing as always!
    really nice idea and all props!

  2. Mickey's Craft World says:

    Hi I am new to your blog and it is amazing….I am hooked…(bookmarked you..lol)


  3. Kaci says:

    it's about time there was a contest for amateurs.. (wish you would put more of that on your blog)

  4. Shay says:

    Love this post, I'm a cookie-a-holic. I even tagged this in one of my post @ http://peeweesnpinwheels.blogspot.com/

  5. JeffA says:

    Hi Kara, I am new to your blog and just wanted to say thank you for finding all of these great ideas. I look forward to more blog posts from you in the future. Keep up the wonderful work!

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