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My next feature goes to this terrific COLORFUL SUPERHERO BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Maria Cañal of Pistacho Fiestas. First things first, I love the beautiful photography by Lacazette Pelayo. He captured this party perfectly. Such pretty photographs! And next, how cute are the superhero outfits?! I’m so impressed with Maria. She has done it yet again. What a cute, cute party.

Maria said- “Cape, mask and belt, are a staple for any superhero worth his salt. So I made them all a complete kit, with their initial on the belt and cape. This was a party with all the colors of the rainbow.The children were very cute and funny in their costumes! The photos were taken by Lacazette Pelayo (and some from Nacho Vela).”

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  1. Interior Design News says:

    The kids must be very excited and they will surely have a good time. Excellent idea!

  2. MODERN MOM says:

    I love this!!! And so easy to do!!!

  3. maria cañal says:

    Ohhhh!!! I am soooooooo happy to be on Karas Party ideas!!! whats better than that? Kara, gracias, as usual for being so kind, so nice and for making such wonderful post out of every party.
    love from Spain