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My next winning party feature goes to this stunning BIRDS OF A FEATHER + VINTAGE PEACOCK CHRISTMAS PARTY submitted by Jason Snyder of Hello My Sweet. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing. I just love the vintage 20’s retro vibe. The teal and gold couldn’t look more elegant together. And who would have thought a peacock would be so beautiful as a Christmas party accent! Love it all.

Here is what Hello My Sweet said about the party- “In what seems to be the case as of late, the majority of our props for this party have come from an unusual location. At the start of the holiday season, Dollar Tree’s trim-a-tree décor was a literal treasure trove for our gold, teal and orange color scheme. It was there we found our champagne flutes, artificial fruit (spray painted gold and teal), 2 styles of gold gift wrapping, clear fluted edge votive candle bowls, bronze candle holders (turned into stands) and shiny gold gift boxes. Everything obviously only a dollar each there. For the wrapped Christmas gifts behind the center piece, we just used some empty cereal and fruit snack boxes. I was also able to utilize some of our old stand-bys like my custom made DIY cake stands underneath the charges to give them some height and our white IKEA tray. Even after all the crazy good finds I just mentioned, I think the best of the best (of the best) came from a wee tiny yard sale that we just happened upon, as most yard sale finds do. As we sped by it, I spied with my little eye a small brass birdcage. Price… $1. From Kroger, gold and teal jewel toned chargers ($1 each) that would serve as platters for some tasty treats. At our local Wal-Mart Supercenter, I was able to score the 2nd (of 2 great fabric finds) bolt of fabric ($5) that was like a bazillion yards long. I also found the purple and teal sheer and gold/white grosgrain ribbon from the crafts section at ($1 each). Jo-Ann Fabrics yielded a styrofoam cone ($7) for the awesome Rolo centerpiece, small golden holiday bells ($1), and gold beaded garland ($1). At Target’s dollar section I was able to find, almost hidden from me on the very bottom-most shelf, two golden colored metal buckets. Great as is, but even better after just tweaking them a bit with some turqouise spray paint.

We think our glitzy and glamorous take on the whole Peacock theme turned out stunning.”
The printables for this party are available in Hello My Sweet’s Etsy shop here.

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  1. Nikki - Pip Events says:

    Gorgeous! Peacock feathers are so pretty and really are a great holiday party addition.

  2. Lil Mama Stuart says:

    ooh love how rich the colors are and fabulous this looks!

  3. Ace says:

    I didn't really see the orange part of the decor except for the mimosas(?), but this is a gorgeous theme! Is the fabric the author was talking about (from Wal-Mart) the peacock-printed drapes behind the table? Goodness, I need to hunt for that!

  4. Heather says:

    Hi this is Heather with Hello My Sweet. First of all, thank you so much for the feature! Second I wanted to address a couple things from commenter Ace. The orange was carried through more in tone with the gold than anything else, the swatch was picked right out of the center of the eye on the peacock feather in the curtains. The curtains we already owned and use in our living room are from Pier 1. The fabric that was such the steal is the cloth on top of the dresser.