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The work that went into this SWEET VINTAGE {TREE + BIRDIE} 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY blew me away when I first opened up the submission email from Heather Mitchell of HMP Studios. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the vintage piano and furniture pieces. Such an amazing party.

Here is what Heather said about the party– “I wanted Paislee’s first birthday to be sweet and vintage and to incorporate the vintage birdie /tree theme that we have used since we announced our pregnancy with her. I spent tons of time researching ideas to make an inside party beautiful. My older daughter has a summer party and it is easy to do parties in our yard. We basically cleaned out out formal living room so everything would look party and even painted an 1800’s antique piano so that the room would be perfect. Almost everything was handmade by means my friends except the cupcake flags were by Icing designs. And her finger print tree sign in (my fave party detail) was made by local artist Lindsay Pace on vintage hymnal pages using a few of my favorite hymns. Her photos of her first year and invitation session were used for decorations throughout the party since I am a photographer I have photographs her every week of her life. The party was exactly what I wanted for her first birthday. It was almost as special as she is!”

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  1. Design Lily says:

    absolutely Beautiful! Love all of the little details!

  2. April says:

    beautiful photos!

  3. Ruzu says:

    so cool ^_^ I love vintage.

  4. The Cantelmo Family says:

    This is such a beautiful birthday party!!

  5. Itsy Belle says:


  6. Itsy Belle says:


  7. Itsy Belle says:


  8. Tracy Jensen says:

    So beautiful….makes me wish I had a girl……every detail is wonderfuL!


    dear life from a mom of boys

  9. raychelwish says:

    Love every piece of furniture and accesory (ie: the ladder)!!! Gorg!

  10. Nancy says:

    Love it. Where did they find the highchair?

  11. Heather Mitchell says:

    Thanks so much for featuring our party!! My friend saw it yesterday and text me:) I love all the inspiration you have here!!!

  12. Miranda says:

    The furniture (especially that piano!) really make this theme pop. Heather, did you have to rent furniture, was this at the venue already or are you the proud owner of these items? If you rented, please share the link…would love to browse their inventory.

  13. Cortney says:

    Where did you find the blue tutu dress that is hanging on the armoire?! I have the have that for my daughter!

  14. The Starkers says:

    I want everything from the party just to have in my house! That armoire!

  15. Heather says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m sorry I have just seen these questions. The blue dress is tutu demonde and the furniture is mine:). We bought and painted the piano for the party:)

  16. Julie Hanks says:

    Gorgeous- I want to paint my piano now! I bought an old ‘church’ piano and it’s wood is a brownish/orange. Blech. Can you share your process with me?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where’d you get the blue outfit?