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I think you’re going to love this Nautical Themed First Communion Party submitted by Judith Cardona of Happy Party in Spain!

In Judith’s words- “WELCOME ABOARD! The colors used for this nautical communion party were red, white and blue.

In the entrance, there was a lifeguard that welcomed you on board. This charming place was perfect for the photo booth with guests.

The room was organized in two tables: one for children and one for adults. For the children´s table a colorful and funny decoration; paper boats, real fishes, shells and color pencils + paper + stickers. On the ceiling were red balloons and white garlands like waves. On the communion chair were two red balloons and red ribbons. For the adults table, there was a more sophisticated decoration: soft colors, wooden boats, bottles with SOS message, flags, stones and shells.

The party favors were blue bags filled with candies.”

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  1. Kathy S. says:

    How Cute!

  2. Very Cute! I have always loved nautical/ocean/sea themed parties. They are fun to decorate with the blues, whites, tans, golds and reds as well as having little reminders of the beautiful water.

  3. Such an adorable party…I’ve designed a custom invitation for a baby shower such as this…check it out here:

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  4. Happy Party says:

    Thanks a lot. We are very happy that our post have been published in Kara´s party.
    Best regards

  5. amanda says:

    Love the Welcome Aboard life preserver. Where did you get that from?

  6. Pure Costumes Blog says:

    Where did you find the origami paper that folded up like a boat? or was that custom made? We are experimenting something similar but more focus on ocean/marina like themed. Thanks