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Oh me, oh my, I am in love with this CUTE AS A BUTTON 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Kerri King of Big K Little K. Soooo adorable! Just look at the bunting on that high chair!

Kerri said- “I started planning my little girl’s birthday party about 5 months before her actual birthday. I drew inspiration from everywhere. I loved the look of vintage wall groupings so I knew I wanted to incorporate that look into the party. There’s a great frame company, Wild Sorbet, that has high quality hand painted frames. I am IN LOVE with their frames and I always use them as a starting point for the parties I plan. They are super helpful and really help to tie the whole party together.

I did most of the decorations myself. I have a Silhouette Cameo which is awesome when it comes to party decorations. I also can sew, so I made the tablecloths, banners, etc. I am a graphic designer so the wall art in the frames are designed by me as well as the birthday invitations. I love seeing it all come together. All the little details that I stressed over. The photobooth was a huge hit….now I think every party should have a photobooth!”

Vendors and Credits:

Cake- Susan Jackson
Button Cookies- Paradise Sweets
Photobooth Props- Party Goodies

Cute as a Button 1st Birthday Party


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  1. Windy City Novelties says:

    This is absolutely adorable and perfect theme for a 1 year old especially since they are generally referred to as being cute as a button when they are that age.

  2. Petals Daye says:

    I really love that Photo Frame and all the wands..each one a little masterpiece

  3. Allonda says:

    There are no words to describe how gorgeous this party is!! Wow! Where on earth did she find those giant buttons? So cute!!!

  4. Chrissie Barcelona says:

    Perfect color palette. Cutest combination of mediums…fabric, paper, ric-rac, etc…Styled so sweetly…..Delightful. Delightful. Delightful. Love it!!!

  5. Amy K. says:

    There are so many reasons why I am in love with this!!!