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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners: April Sanchez, Brenda Cavalcanti, Steph Hegland, Vicki Capro, Erin Smith, Charleen Foreman Splawn, Bri Burnett, Allison Chapman, Erika Moore, Jessica Correa, Beatriz Cardenas Maxson, Carol Alazne Bane Pinela, Nabiha Tariq Huda, Anne Marie Arcelona-Manuel, Isis Esqueda-Hernandez, Steph Corvetto, Melissa Setzer, Francesca Wallace, Roberta Oneal, Wendy White Updegraff, Krystal Howell, Gina Robinson, Angela Hubbell Winters, Heather Wrenn, Katie Boyajian Wycoff, Monique Peterson, Debbie Parker, Catie Schwartz, Christine M Barnhart, Corie Hummer Gibson, Krystal Dawson, Nikki Gause, Lindy Vogt, Katie Foushee, Cindy Hughes, Shehara Reid, Brenda Scott, Nicole Colon, Tiffany Crabtree, Julie Schmucker Trust, Sarah Charr Rough, and Christina Mumpower!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!

This week’s fabulous giveaway was put together by Brittany Rumohr of Edible Details! WIN BIG with this one!! FORTY TWO winners will be selected and will win FORTY TWO AMAZING PARTY ITEMS WORTH OVER $1,800!!

So with 42 vendors and 42 ways to win, how could you go wrong?!

HERE IS THE BIG LIST OF WHAT IS BEING GIVEN AWAY {It’s a long one– like I said, this giveaway is HUGE!!!}

  • Edible Details: $100.00 Gift Certificate
  • ChicBuds: 1 Black Zebra “ChicBoom” speaker
  • The Party Wagon: Customized “Party Plan” $75.00 value includes: Suggested vendors, Decorating Ideas, Favor Ideas, Activity & Craft Ideas, Personalized Party Pinterest board and MORE!
  • Amanda’s Parties To Go: Party Package (Includes matching Invites & Thank You Notes)
  • The Marshmallow Studio: 1 Dozen marshmallow pops ($48.00 value)
  • Your Cupcake Story: $25.00 Gift Certificate
  • Bee’s Knees Creative – 1 Dozen Cookies ($45.00 Value)
  • Gwynn Wasson Designs: Party Pack that includes: Invites, Banner, 2″ Party circles, Table Labels, Napkin Wraps, Favor Tags, Decorative Paper and Thank You notecards
  • Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line: 6 Custom Wooden “Peg Dolls”
  • Evie & Mallow: 12 Cake Pops
  • Lauren McKinsey: $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • A Blissful Nest: $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • Paper Candee: $100.00 Store Credit for assembled and/or Printable goods w/ bonus 6 custom favor purse or gift boxes
  • Birds Party: $30.00 Gift Certificate
  • Fresh Chick Design Studio: $50.00 gift Certificate towards Etsy store
  • The Sweetest Affair: $50 Gift Certificate
  • Three Little Monkeys Studio: $70.00 gift Certificate
  • Magnolia Creative Co: $35.00 Gift Certificate
  • Tabletop Confections: $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • In Flight: $50 Gift Certificate to “Michael’s”
  • Petite Social: “Party Box” (Some of Petite Socials “Favorite Party Staples”)
  • Sweet Mady {Paper + Gifts}: 1 Personalized Kids Apron
  • Skylar Raine: $20 gift Certificate to Etsy store
  • MayDetails Printable Celebrations: 1 Party Collection + Matching Invites ($50.00 Value)
  • One Swell Studio: 1 Printable invite design, 1 set of custom coordinating 2″ printable circles and 1 customized coordinating banner from Etsy store
  • IDEA! event + Style: Customized “Modern Sunshine” Printable Collection
  • Whimsical Printables: 12 “Glitterized Wooden Silverware”, 6 Gum ball Necklaces and 6 “Daisy” Mason Jar Lids
  • Fondant Flinger: $50 Gift Certificate
  • Yummy Delicious Cookies By Whimsical Originals: 18 Custom Cookie Favors
  • Libby Lane Press: $25.00 Gift Certificate
  • Sweet threads Clothing Co: 1 Custom Kids Birthday Shirt ($20.00 Value)
  • La Belle Parties: $25.00 Gift Certificate
  • Squared Party Printables: Full Printable Party Package + Matching Invites (Max value $68.00)
  • Party On! Designs: $30.00 Gift Certificate
  • Kayden Ashley {Printable Designs}: $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • Toadally Cute: $25.00 Gift Certificate
  • Gem’s Party Style: “Hot Pink Zebra” Party Printable SET, Personalized Melamine Plate
  • Green Beansie Ink: $50.00 Gift Certificate
  • URinvited: 1 Set of existing Printables (Including: Invitations, Bags, Thank You Tags, Wrappers, toppers & Drink Labels)
  • The Green Elephant Bakery: 1/2 Dozen Brownie Pops
  • child Style Magazine: Rainbow Bow set, Vintage Lace Bloomers, 2 headbands & vintage Owl pillow
  • Delightful Creations: 1 3D Fondant Cake Topper + 12 Cupcake Toppers

YES, all of that is being given away!! Valued at over $1,800!!

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY VIA THE RAFFLECOPTER FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!! 43 ways to enter and 42 winners will be selected! Yahoo!!

ABOUT Edible Details:

“My name is Brittany Rumohr and I’m a professional pastry chef and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School. After working in the cake and cupcake market for three years, I decided to go into business for myself with the start of Edible Details. It has truly become a sweet job thanks to the freedom to work one-on-one with customers to create the perfect cake toppers, 3-D toppers and cake decor for their special occasions.

With the cupcake market booming, many parents and party hosts are trying their own hand at the baking game and loving the results. Rather than transforming into a pastry chef to get that last detail perfect, consumers can turn to Edible Details for beautiful and fun fondant embellishments that only take a second to apply.

For those not acquainted with fondant, it is a moldable sugar dough that gives a smooth finish to cakes and can be cut and molded into anything from 3-D animals to intricate initials. Fondant has always been my favorite part of any project. I love working with it and creating the perfect custom items to complete someones order. There is nothing more fun than a little Edible Detail to top off those cupcakes, cookies or cakes at your next event.”

WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY VENDORS (in the order they’re listed on the Rafflecopter form):



About The Giveaway:

“With almost 2 years of fondant creations in hand, I am so excited to see how far Edible Details has come in such a short amount of time! I have surpassed our 10,000 fans on Facebook and cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support and love for what I do! This business would be nothing without each and every one of you!
To celebrate such a huge milestone, I have put together a Giveaway to end all Giveaways just for you as a Thank You! With 42 vendors and 42 winners (and 43 ways to win!!) – we are celebrating BIG!
I have so many INCREDIBLE vendors that are contributing amazing prizes that I owe so much to for all they’ve done for me and my business, along with some new vendors joining in on the fun!I know you will love them all and I am so excited to support each and every one of these fabulous vendors with this celebration!
Start the ‘Liking’ Love, gain your entries and discover many new businesses that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do! Thank you to ALL of you for your support and WELCOME to all of the new friends and fans that may not have known about my business until now!
Winner’s must have a US address”

A Rafflecopter giveaway

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.

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    This is wonderful.. Im so excited, this is an great experience. All of these vendors are so talented, and how amazing it is to be blessed by others creativity and grand view of color and fun!

  5. Kelley Scanlon says:

    Hi, My daughter’s baton (twirling) team is heading to Nationals in Indiana at Notre Dame in July, I was sondering what you might have for ideas for a little treat for the girls. There is 15 girls on the team. We are from Maine and are called the Main-E-Acts. Our color is like a royal blue. Thank you.Kelley

  6. Angela Baker says:

    I would love to win this! it would be great to have a party for my husband when he gets home from his deployment!!

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    Absolutely beautiful party ideas and creations

  8. Definitely one of my “go to” websites for any party planning ideas. Thank you for all of your hard work!

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    You make the cutest and so creative cupcakes. I love them!

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    I liked all the other pages though.

  16. This has to be the ULTIMATE party giveaway!

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    WOW! How amazingly generous!!! As an 18 year party planner – for my own four daughters! – and a brand new event stylist {as a professional} not only would winning this package be a personal dream come true – I LOVE all of these sweet shops ~ and plan four birthday parties a year, just for my girls! but as a peer in the party service world – this raffle copter application just allowed me to reference 30+ shops for future use!!! Thanks for pulling this together ladies! Now my fingers are crossed…

  28. Super Fun! Good luck to all and to me…. squeee!

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    This is a wonderful giveaway! I love the creativeness of the items… so cute!

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    my kids always find a reason to celebrate!
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