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You are going to love this LADYBUG “LOVE BUG” BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Lindi Haws of Love The Day! There are just so many cute elements…

Lindi said- “It’s been MONTHS since I’ve thrown a bash and I’ve been dying to get partying again! Plus, what better excuse to get to know my neighbors and new friends a little better? Coordinating with my new ladybug printable collection, I put together this ‘little lady’ celebration for the cute girls in my neighborhood. With the help of some amazing vendors and my cute mom of Sew Love The Day this party came together perfectly!”

Party Printables.Styling.Photography – Love The Day
Felt Ladybugs.Felt Shoe Clips.Felt Hair Bows – Sew Love The Day
Cupcake Stand – Pedestals
Chevron Favor Bags.Striped Straws.Polka Dot Cups – Sofie’s Big Day
Ladybug Dress – Wild Things Dresses
Ladybug Headbands.Bows – Shiloh’s Mystie Designs
Ladybug & Flower Cookies: The Cookie Jar
Cupcakes.Ladybug Truffles: The Sugar Shack
Ribbon Garland: A to Zebra Celebrations

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  1. Kara Moore says:

    Hello, I first want to say I LOVE all of your ideas! Your stuff is so pretty and unique! I really appreciate the opportunity you have given us with the give away! I am so glad my mom ( Debra Burke) found your sit and shared it with me! I believe my daught Allison Brooke deserves to win because of many reasons. Allison may be the only child I can have so I want to make sure every birthday is as special to her as my birthdays were to me thanks to my mom. SHe always made my birthdays extra special filled with lots of love, memories and good times! I want that samething for my daughter. This birthday is special to us beacuse last year for her first birthday we had to be away from more than half of our family and all of our friends due to losing our jobs. We had to move from Florida to Michigan, but once we were there for a while those jobs slowed down there too. We now have found jobs in Florida and have moved back! This year we will be able to celebrate Allison’s second birthday with all who missed her first birthday. Allison brings so much joy and smiles to so many people! We call Allison, Owl so we were thinking of doing an owl theme! We are going to have it at a local State park so the docorations package would REALLY make it extra special for an extra special girl. Besides all of that my name (Allison’s mom) is KARA :) I even spell it with a K and not a C, so you see it meant to be that we win!! :) Thanks for giving us every consideration. We really appreciate the opportunity! I will be sure t share your site and all of the sites I liked for this to my friends and family! Have an inspired day!

  2. Kara Moore says:

    Sorry my post was not 100%. My computer keeps freezing so when I have went back to fix a typo it has erased what I wrote 3 times!!! :( I wanted to get my post in beofre the deadline! Thanks!!