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You are going to love this VINTAGE BALLOON THEMED 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Manda McGrath! How darling are the hot air balloon suckers and vintage suitcases? So many great ideas here!

Manda said- “We celebrated my son Levi’s second birthday with a balloon theme party. Levi cannot get enough of balloons -or anything round shaped {like my globes} that maybe could be a balloon. So, my step-daughter, Cait, and I worked together to throw him a party with a lot of balloons and globes…and vintage touches because the two of us just can’t seem to throw a party without that element {plus we own a lot of vintage items so that makes decorating that much easier}.”

Party Styling and Invitations- Manda McGrath
Photography- Caitlin McGrath Photography

Large wooden “L” and small round globes- Michaels

Chocolate mold for hot air balloons- Amazon

Polkadot plates & napkins- Target

Balloon cupcake toppers- Hey Yo Yo

Items used in this party that are available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Polkadot nut cups/cupcake liners

Wooden utensils

Giant round balloons

Wooden utensils available to purchase here



Giant round balloons available to purchase here


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